Saying Goodbye To Old Insecurities Through Photoshoots

Today I had a quick lunchtime photoshoot with a couple of lovely ladies in Leeds, as I was already there for another photoshoot with the lovely Matt - a much needed and overdue shoot for content!

We shot at the very lovely Leeds Town Hall and it was really lovely having just a quick 20 minute shoot with ladies who understand the need for content and also the need to fit it in when you have the time!

During my shoot with Matt, I decided to have fun and just let go. The end result was my best shoot yet and I for one cannot wait to see those pictures! The high I came off of from that shoot lent itself very well to coming to the Town Hall to meet with Nicoletta and Penny.

I really loved the outfit I had one from my earlier shoot, so I decided to swap out the leather jacket for my white jumper and have it so my coral belt was over the top of it. A point of difference between all the photos I was having done today.

I didn't have my camera with me so just had to use the camera on my phone, hence why the photos didn't turn out so well originally! Thankfully I now know how to add a preset to my photos, these have been edited with 'honey cake' and 'vanilla taste' from Nicky Presets.

My Street Style.

My style has changed and evolved over time and now I combine a mix of high street fashion items, all of which I've chosen to work together. I bought this gorgeous polka dot dress from I Saw It First when Zara released their own polka dot dress - I could never afford it, plus I don't think it would have suited me that much anyway.

The good thing about this version, is that it's very lightweight, has three quarter length sleeves and is one of those 'throw on and go' dresses which I like very much! I love switching it up and putting a jumper over it, not only is this cosy but it also gives the dress another vibe. It also enables me to make it into a skirt, the belt helps with this.

I've had this coral belt for years but don't wear it much, I thought it would go really well with this outfit matching perfectly with the coral blazer and giving a winter outfit a much needed injection of colour.

My second look is very similar to the first, but I just swapped out my coral blazer for my trusty (fake) leather jacket. I like to think it adds an edgy vibe to this outfit. Matt said it went very well with the street photography we were doing earlier! I am inclined to agree with him on this one!

I couldn't help but twirl around in this dress, the wind thankfully helped me with this - probably the one occasion when the wind worked in my favour!

Letting Go Of Old Insecurities

Matt said I've come a long way in my shoots with him, at first I was quite rigid and wouldn't move around that much, whereas today I was twirling, rocking horsing and walking my way around - I genuinely had so much fun! The more shoots I do, the better I get, the more fun I have and the better the end results are! I'd say it definitely takes practice to get this confident in front of the camera, but it's definitely worth it!

Sometimes you've just got to let go, not care what other people are thinking and go with it! I've had photos back where I'm not smiling and that alone is enough to make me smile like nobody's watching (because trust me, no-one is!) and ensure that every photo is a happy one!

I also believe that what you're wearing has a big impact on how you feel and how the photos turn out. i try to choose outfits which I feel most comfortable in and which will transfer well into my existing content.

I'm no fashion blogger but I still like to portray the outfits I'm wearing and inform my followers about them. If you're passionate about something then it translates well and breeds positivity all round, leading to a more positive outcome all around!

We all know positivity breeds positivity and the old saying, fake it till you make it really works so I urge you to try these tricks next time you're wanting to have a photoshoot!

Thanks to Nicoletta, Penny & Matt for these photos.



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