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How I Cope on Bad Mental Health Days

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For some time now I've had to cope with low mental health days, days where I just feel like there's not much point in getting out of bed, getting dressed or eating properly.

But I know that those are the very things I should be doing to look after myself, although it can be hard when it's the last thing you feel like doing, I know I've been there!

Moving to a new town and feeling isolated didn't help either, I left my friends behind and started a new life. Finding my feet in my new town was difficult at first and combined with starting a new job, working long hours and early starts led to me not sleeping properly, not eating healthily and just wanting to spend my days off sleeping or just lazing around on my sofa in my pjs watching Netflix!

But I know that this isn't a healthy situation for me to be in, so I'm here today to talk to you about a few ways in which I'm making small changes.

I hope they'll be helpful to you and perhaps you'll pick up some tips which you can then put into action yourself, but don't worry if they're not actionable for you right now. Just bookmark this page and come back to it when you're ready.

Make My Bed

This is such a simple act, but one which always makes me feel so much better once I've gotten up and out of bed. It just makes everything feel better and ready for me to get into at the end of the day.

Plus it gives me a good feeling, like I'm starting the day off on the right foot.

Have A Shower

Nothing makes me feel better than stepping into a shower and letting the water wash away all the dirt and grime from the day before.

I always know I'll feel a thousand times better afterwards and it only takes two minutes if I'm not washing my hair so always better to do it than not.

Get Dressed

Getting dressed, even if it's just in my baggy green jumper and jogging bottoms. I'm ready for anything then - popping out to Waitrose, for a mooch round town or being ready for visitors.

Just knowing that I've made the effort to actually get dressed can put me into a good mindset, which is vital if I'm to have a good day.

Drink Some Juice / Water

I always drink a glass of juice when I first get up every morning, mainly because I hate the taste of water but also because it awakens my metabolism and ensures I'm ready for breakfast.

Sometimes I'll have a cup of tea after and make breakfast later but having a glass of juice has become something of a habit for my morning routine now.

Have Breakfast

Either I do this straight away after getting up and having my juice or I'll just have a cup of tea and make my toast afterwards.

But I always do have breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day and helps me to keep in the routine when I'm having a low day.

Food also fuels you so it's important to give your body something to start up your metabolism for the day. Even something small like a piece of fruit or a cereal bar can help.

Tidy Up

Even if it's just putting my clothes away in my wardrobe, taking my washing to the laundry room, emptying my bins or sorting out my office I know I'll always feel so much better afterwards.

I know this can seem like a big thing, like I'm asking you to have a really good spring clean but seriously, all I'm asking you is to simply do one thing which can make your whole day go a little better. Tidy space tidy mind and all that!

Talk To Someone

This can be a family member, a friend, your therapist, or even your online friends.

If you're struggling you should reach out and tell someone how you're feeling, taking a load off your mind can really help you out and hopefully make you feel so much better.

There are also support helplines available if you feel that talking over the phone is better for you. Your mental health is so important and it's vital to look after yourself however you choose to do so.

Get Outside

Being outside in nature can do wonders for our mental health. Even just by taking a quick 10 minute walk can help clear my foggy mind, especially if I've been working a lot of night shifts and not been sleeping well.

Thankfully, here in Harrogate there are lots of walks to go on, all of which are in beautiful countryside. Plus there are bound to be lots of dogs around which always make me smile!

I hope these points have helped you in some way, I know they don't seem like much but sometimes it's good to know that the little things we do can have huge benefits to us, mentally.

These small tasks can help our minds become clearer, allowing that space to be filled up with better thoughts and perhaps allow us to get in touch with our feelings.

Don't be afraid of your mental health, it's not something to be afraid of. We should learn to embrace all aspects of ourselves and have strategies in place when we are feeling low.

These are just my ideas, they may or may not work for you but I hope in some way they help you when you're feeling low and perhaps struggling with your own Mental Health.

Love Sarah xoxoxo

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