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AD Brightening Up My Room With A Photowall Sweden Canvas

My Wildflower and Butterflies Photowall Canvas

AD - Canvas gifted by Photowall Sweden in exchange for this review. All photos and opinions my own.

Back in December of 2019, Photowall Sweden contacted me and asked if I'd like to receive a canvas. Well, of course I said yes because I'd been searching for some art to go in my room for a while.

As we have quite big ceilings here in the flat, it means they can take some big pieces of artwork or in this case, a custom canvas print! So it was perfect timing really for me to get something new and complete the interior design of my bedroom.

Photowall Sweden believe that the walls of a room affect how we feel. They are passionate about helping you transform your home to reflect your personality.

It was started in 2006 by brothers Niklas and Charlie Johansson, when they realised the selection of personalised wallpaper was lacking and so with their keen interest in technology, they decided to try something new - printing wallpaper digitally.

It has since grown into an established company with a factory in Stockholm, Sweden. From the beginning it has been driven by a desire to create and constantly test new ideas.

Choosing My Design & Installation

Photowall Sweden Canvas on a table laid out with all the accompanying fixtures and wood frame.

My custom canvas print arrived promptly and was the first drop off the day by the DHL delivery guy so I didn't even have to wait in all day for it!

The actual print itself came wrapped up in brown paper, protecting it from the canvas wood also in the package. It came with everything needed to put it together including instructions which were very easy to follow.

The first step was to roll out the canvas onto a flat surface (in my case the kitchen table!) and line up each of the canvas wood sides. These come already pre-glued with paper on which you just peel off once everything is lined up correctly.

This makes everything easier and it only requires a little pressure to ensure the wood is stuck to the print.

My laid out Photowall Sweden Canvas

You can see here how close to the edge of the print the wood needs to be. Once all the wood is lined up properly, simply lay it down and peel off the brown tape before lining up again and pressing it down onto the print.

Wooden frame on top of the underside of the photowall sweden canvas

The next step is to attach the corner supports and screw them into place. At first I only screwed them loosely and only did the two outer ones just to prevent any cracking and also to ensure everything was lined up correctly.

This was really easy to do and I am so impressed with Photowall because of this. Sometimes the idea of having a giant canvas is in reality a nightmare, because of how much time it takes you to put it together.

Not here though, thankfully! Once all the supports were screwed into place and secure, it was done!

Corner of the wooden canvas frame showing the screwing mechanism holding it together
Back of the photowall canvas showing the wooden frame and fixtures holding it together

My Review And Final Thoughts On My Photowall Canvas

Wildflowers and Butterflies Photowall Sweden Canvas

First things first, I absolutely love my Photowall canvas. I love everything about it and and how well it goes in my room. I now feel that finally my room has come together so well and I'm so pleased to have a piece of art on my wall.

Choosing which print I wanted was the only difficult bit of this whole process! There are so many different designs on the Photowall website that it took me quite a while to make a decision!

In the end I went with this wildflower design - Rainbow Seeds Flowers 1 as I absolutely love butterflies and wildflowers. Plus the colours are beautiful too!

Wildflowers and Butterflies Photowall Sweden Canvas

Whilst ordering my canvas it was easy to see how much it would be which is great if you're on a budget but still wanting a piece of art or a canvas in your home.

I was also able to see which parts of the design would be cut off at various sizes as I changed the size of it. This was helpful too as I was able to see which parts of it would look best at which size. Thankfully I think I managed to capture the best parts of it all without losing too much of it.

I would highly recommend Photowall if you're looking for another way to add colour to your home or fill a space on a wall. You can also add your own photo to a canvas print or wallpaper so the world really is your oyster when it comes to having a piece of art in your own home.

Thanks for reading.



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