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AD Dating After Lockdown - How To Feel Sexually Confident

A black candle, floral pen, pillow spray, thoughts journal and 'girl power' postcard

AD - I have been paid for this post and provided with the products featured here. All photos and opinions my own.

Dating can be difficult at the best of times, never mind after being in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic!

Being home alone (or with friends/family) and not leaving unless for the permitted exercise or to go food shopping, has left most of us not feeling our best or perhaps even wondering how to go about getting our confidence back.

With everything, we have to be able to take a step back and look at what is most important to us and go from there.

Sometimes it’s the smallest areas of our lives which, once fixed, can give us the biggest boost.

Starting small can also help us if we’re lacking that confidence – after not looking after ourselves for so long, it can seem daunting to start everything at once.

So with this in mind I’m going to empower you to start getting back out there on the dating scene!

Safety First

With everything, but moreso than ever after the pandemic, safety is paramount.

This of course starts with telling people where you’re going, who you’re meeting and swapping numbers with them, if needed before going out to meet someone.

Meeting in a public place of course is best – taking all local coronavirus restrictions into account, as well as wearing masks, sanitising your hands, checking the venue’s COVID rules, checking into the venue via the NHS Covid 19 app and abiding by social distancing rules.

This can seem like a lot to do when you’re ‘just meeting up’ with someone say in a pub or an open space, but with everything it’s always best to prepare to fail than fail to prepare!

Preparing Beforehand

For some of us, getting confident for dating – with or without a pandemic! - starts at home, perhaps with a bath with a candle, a pamper session and reading/writing in your wellness journal.

All of these are good ways to ensure that you’re feeling your most empowered and confident before a date.

Your happiness is paramount in these situations, so don’t ever feel pressured into doing something you’re not comfortable with, or moving at a pace that is too fast and outside of your comfort zone.

hand holding up a card which says love yourself on it in white writing the background of the card is brown and then the background to the image is pink

Using A Dating Website

Perhaps using a dating website is the way to go for you and where you feel comfortable at the moment, given everything that’s happening! If you’re into it, you could use one such as subsanddoms or mybdsmhookups for something a little different.

As always, take all the necessary precautions in regards to talking to and especially meeting up with people off-line, that goes without saying but also, have fun!

Put On An Uplifting Playlist!

There’s nothing that can make you feel more badass, sexy, confident and generally just amazing than a playlist full of banging tunes!

You can prepare this beforehand by going onto Spotify and creating said playlist, even giving it an awesome name to really put you in the mood!

We can sometimes forget just how much of an effect music can have on us, until we hear out favourite tune on the radio and then realise how incredible it is! So go on, have a dig around on Spotify and put that list together!

image shows smug pillow spray, a floral pen, a black candle in a pot, a pink and orange thoughts journal and a pink postcard with Girl Power written on it in red inside a red heart

How to feel empowered and sexually confident

Pillow spray – often used for sleep and relaxation, the lavender within this spray is a key ingredient. Lavender is renowned for its ability to calm without sedating and helps reduce anxiety.

Lots of people attribute this to helping reduce sexual nerves, give it a go!

Empower print – read it, feel it, live it!

Candle – specially chosen for that sensual – bedsheet moment….Vibes indeed!

Wellness journal and pen – confidence starts from you. Log your feelings, dreams and goals and spend time to reflect and grow.

Sometimes pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can sometimes reap rewards and you may end up not only enjoying yourself, but perhaps finding more than friends whilst dating after lockdown!



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