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5 Delicious Summer Events for Foodies

Summer is the best time to head to a fun event, and a bit of warm weather or sunshine makes everything better!

Even when the weather isn't the best here in the UK, there's always something fun to do- and there are transport links all over the country so that you can get to events even when they're not nearby.

This year, there are so many Summer events taking place for foodies across the UK, including Yorkshire foodie festivals and delicious food and drink celebrations.

Even if you're not a food connoisseur, everyone loves a taste of something delicious- myself included- and I will definitely be checking out any local festivals serving vegan delights.

In this post, I've listed 5 fantastic Summer events for food lovers everywhere! I hope there's somewhere on this list that you fancy heading this year.

1. Taste of London

Unfortunately this event has already happened- but you can check it out next year for a Summer foodie extravaganza!

The Taste of London Festival takes place in Regent's Park every year, and the whole park is transformed into a foodie wonderland for food lovers everywhere.

This event includes drinking, entertainment- and of course, lots of sweet and savoury food delights to try out!

In the past, over 40 of London's best restaurants have served their finest dishes. With such a wide variety, there's bound to be something for everyone.

The whole event is outside, meaning guests can enjoy their treats alfresco in the sunshine!

2. Malton Food Lovers Festival

The Malton Food Lovers Festival celebrates everything that Yorkshire has to offer, including the finest food and drink from local sellers. Did you know that Malton is the food capital of Yorkshire?And for good reason, they are passionate about artisan producers, independant shops and great places to taste delicious food and drink!

Situated in North Yorkshire, Malton is a gorgeous market town- and it's not a million miles away from me!

This event is perfect for the whole family. It is one of the UK's biggest "free to enter" food festivals, and every year hundreds of people flock to this beautiful town to taste some of Yorkshire's delights.

This year, Malton Food Lovers Festival is taking place over the August Bank Holiday, which is 27 August to 29 August 2022.

3. The Great British Food Festival

The Great British Food Festival is a huge celebration of food from across Britain. Instead of one big event, lots of smaller foodie events run throughout the Spring and Summer months across the UK.

Wherever you're based, there will be a Great British Food Festival celebration nearby!

There is a range of different celebrations, including cooking activities, local heritage walks, baking contests, street food and more.

This year, the Great British Food Festival runs from 14 May to 25 September, with many heritage and treasured locations hosting the festivities for avid food lovers.

This foodie festival is the perfect excuse for a day out, and there really is something for everyone.

4. Hythe Food and Drink Festival

Every year, Hythe Food and Drink Festival is an incredible celebration of food, drink and more. This event has been running for 7 years now, and it is 5 days long this year due to its popularity!

From alfresco dining to amazing live music, this event always has lots of treats to try out, and it has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for solo travelers, foodies, families, couples and more.

This year, Hythe Food and Drink Festival takes place between 20-24 July.

5. Oxford Foodies Festival

Oxford Foodies Festival is set to be an incredible foodie event this year!

Taking place in South Parks in Oxford, this foodie celebration features plenty of top chefs, family activities and delicious food and drink options.

There are lots of restaurant owners and famous chefs joining the event this year, including the much-loved Jurgen Krauss from The Great British Bake Off and Aaron Middleton from Masterchef.

Guests can taste delicious street food from around the world or even take part in a mini competition.

This event takes place between 27 August and 29 August 2022.

Are you heading to any events this Summer? Let me know where you're going this year!

Love, Sarah xoxo

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