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AD Sampling MOJO's Dirty Vegan Food

AD- Kindly invited by MOJO's to sample their vegan menu in return for features on all of my social medias and this post. All photos and views my own.

You may remember that last year I headed down to MOJO's here in Harrogate to sample their delicious food and cocktails - it was an amazing night and I actually headed back with a work colleague in the same week! So that tells you something about how good their food service is!

Fast forward a year and three months and I thought it was about time I headed back to sample their new vegan menu. I've been vegan myself since January 2019 so when I saw MOJO's A-Board during the UCI Cycling Championships, I DM'd MOJO's on Instagram and enquired about coming down to check it out.

Well, it obviously worked because yesterday afternoon I headed on down and was happy to see Gem there, whom I'd previously met in July 2018.

Dirty Vegan Food

I was delighted to find that the quality had not been forgotten, there was still plenty to pick up and get down 'n' dirty with if you were a fan of their chicken wings! The I Can't Believe It's Not Chicken dish satisfies this craving for me, and the hot Louisiana sauce is something else! If you're not a fan of chilli, I'd stay well clear!

Seitan is king when it comes to vegan food, so it's great to see MOJO's have cottoned onto this and made something which even meat eaters approve of! Sometimes it's nice to still have that pick-up-and-eat-it-with-your-fingers-then-lick-them-afterwards type messy eating!

The Cauli-Wings also satisfy this need, served alongside the Louisiana hot sauce again, it's time to get the wet wipes out and get stuck in!

Being vegan, people have this assumption that all we eat is cous cous, vegetables and green juices but I'm here to dispel this myth! We want to be able to enjoy the same types of food as everyone else, it's all about comfort food being shared with friends.

Where possible I like to show people that we're just the same as everyone else, that with a few adjustments we can sit together and enjoy dishes which may just attract attention from your neighbours!

There's something for everyone in MOJO's Vegan menu, Nachos, Corn on the cob, Quesadilla and Tato Tots for the faint of heart and a Spicy Bean Burger for those who like a bit of spice!

I for one am so pleased to see the return of the Tato Tots (served with an umami vegan mayo) as they were a highlight for me previously. These ones tasted wonderfully, crispy on the outside and wonderfully potatoy smooth on the inside. The dip was delicious and goes extremely well with the tato tots themselves.

I was also pleased to see the return of the Spicy Bean Burger as I'd also enjoyed that previously. This version is delightfully spicy, being served with red chillis, pico de gallo, and guacamole in a vegan bun.

The Cocktails

And of course, what vegan feast is complete without a heavy serving of some of the best cocktails around?! It may have only been 2 o'clock in the afternoon, but that didn't stop Gem trying her best to get me drunk!

To start with I had a delicious Raspberry Beret - Absolut Raspberry, Chambord Liqueur, lemon juice and raspberry puree.

This was absolutely delicious, and I loved the raspberry dust on the top too! A good one to start with for sure.

I was then given a Bahama Mama Appleton Signature Blen Rum shaken with coconut cream, grenadine, lime and pineapple juice. Now, despite not liking coconut the was actually my favourite of the three! Cheeky Gem had even put an extra shot in it in an effort to get me drunk!

Lastly, I was treated a Tommy's Margarita - Tapatio Blanco simply blended with lime juice, and Agave nectar.

This was absolutely divine and the perfect way to round off what was a brilliant afternoon.

My Thoughts

Well, what can I say?! Except, thanks so so much to MOJO's Harrogate for this opportunity, I thoroughly enjoyed sampling this vegan menu and seeing Gem again!

Visiting MOJO's felt like seeing a friend, taking off my coat and settling down on the sofa for a good old gossip! This is the kind of vibe I'm after and I'll definitely return to seek this friendliness again.

If you love MOJO's dive bar, dirty, get stuck in, sticky fingers, late night feed vibe, then head on down now because there's no better time to be vegan let me tell you!

Don't be shy, bring your mates and order the vegan menu!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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