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AD- Learning to Embrace My Curves and Dress For My Shape with JD Williams

AD- This post includes items gifted from JD Williams for the purposes of this post

Long time no blog post - I took a break after getting up to date with all of my posts after buying a new laptop!

There was a lot to do and it was beginning to stress me out so I knew I had to step away for a while but today I am back, with a fashion post no less! I know right?

It's not often you'll see one of those on but nevertheless here I am, back and ready to tell you all about how I found my style with JD Williams.

My Fashion Evolution

Fashion is something that has never really been that into, I don't follow trends and I mostly get confused by London Fashion Week, but with that being said as I've gotten older I do tend to find myself being drawn to clothes which are going to flatter me, hold in my curves and last well.

When I was in my twenties I spent a ridiculous amount of money on clothes which neither suited me nor fitted well, hence me not being that into fashion and kind of giving up.

I love Primark as much as the next girl and almost all of my clothes come from there nowadays, mainly because Next is too expensive, M&S too old and Topshop/River Island too young!

I find Primark to be the perfect in between shop for me, although they do follow trends, have dupes of clothes from the catwalks and have an on-going 'as seen in Glamour' section in all of their stores, allowing us to be even more on trend than ever before.

Whenever I need a new outfit, pair of trousers, skirt, shoe or bag I head over to Primark because it's very accessible so you don't feel too bad about buying something for a night out!

Although saying that I do still have some boots from there which have been going strong for at least 4 years now so don't say Primark items don't last!

Discovering JD Williams

So going from Primark to JD Williams was quite the leap, mainly because of the quality. As soon as I tried on my outfits I could feel how much better the clothes were, how well made they were and most importantly, how much better they fitted.

Everything I ordered just fitted me so so well, honestly when you order online you always take the risk of items not fitting and having the hassle of sending them back; but not so with JD Williams.

I ordered the items in my usual size 14 and was left with such a positive experience that I definitely wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.

Being an inbetweeny size and suffering with anxiety about body issues can mean that you don't venture outside of your comfort zone and try anything new. I've always thought that I couldn't wear shirts because of my shape and big boobs but actually, all I needed to do was size up in them!

By not really paying attention to labels, ignoring what society tells you and being honest with yourself, anything is possible - I know this isn't easy and I am still trying to get used to a body which isn't the same as it used to be.

All I want to do is get my old body back and fit into my clothes like I used to but I guess I just have to get used to the body I have right now because life is short and it's better to live with the body I have now than waste time wishing for something I don't have!

With that being said, I do want to find clothes that fit and flatter me whilst being in that transition stage as I'm wanting to up my exercise regime to get better health. Having now tried clothes from JD Williams, I am tempted to go back and order more because of how well they fitted me and more importantly, how they made me feel. It's so important to feel good in the clothes you wear, there's nothing worse than putting an outfit on and it making you feel bad as this will just translate to an unhappy you.

In this digital age, it's very hard to get away from those fashion bloggers/influencers on Instagram who just seem to look amazing in everything. It can be extremely hard to believe the many people who tell you that yes indeed, you DO look amazing in that skirt/dress/top, I know I do!

We need to stop comparing ourselves to someone in Instagram who has body confidence issues of her own and start believing that we are worthy of love and an amazing new blazer from JD Williams! It's hard work but with time I know we'll get there.

The Clothes

I love how these pieces work together and can be interwoven within different outfits to completely change your look. You can wear the blazer with the dress and the necklace, or even the boyfriend cardigan or the jumper.

With the trousers you can wear the jumper, cardigan and necklace. Everything can be dressed up or down, so no matter what you'll have a capsule wardrobe which can work together for all occasions.

Edge to Edge Mustard Fashion Blazer

I am quite addicted to blazers, I have a few in my collection now because I believe they tie an outfit together so well. If (like me) you have a few in different colours/patterns the possibilities are virtually endless.

Whenever I am out shopping my eyes are drawn to the blazers simply because (in warmer weather!) they are all you need to wear on top of your outfit.

Light Grey Marl Boyfriend Cardigan

I chose the boyfriend cardigan because well, you can never have enough can you? They're good for so many things like when it's not quite cold enough for a coat but too warm for one! Throw on a cardigan and you're good to go!

Plus the fit of this one is ever so slightly oversized, meaning that you don't have to worry too much about sizing. I love the buttons on this one too - good looking without being overly showy. They blend in with the grey of the cardigan but being different enough to add a point of difference.

It's simple personified as it can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. I love the long sleeves and the pockets - I blooming well love pockets and I wish there was some sort of national pocket society I could join to show my love to them! More clothes need to have pockets in them!!

Black Wrap Waist Dress

Wrap dresses are where it's at if you're big busted like me! Even though this one isn't a proper wrap dress, it still gives that illusion and hugs your curves so well. The fabric is very soft and bonus - it isn't see through! So many lesser quality fabrics (ahem Primark ahem) are so see through you may as well place a bright light on you and show everyone your undies!

Thankfully those days are gone with this gorgeously soft wrap dress, ready to dress up or down, with heels or trainers!

Slogan Crew Neck Jumper 'waiting for the weekend'

I adore a good slogan tee so it was no surprise that I went for this 'waiting for the weekend' grey jumper! I am perpetually waiting for my work shifts to be over so I can enjoy 'my weekend!'

This jumper is very soft, fits really well and is fitted enough to not be baggy but also comfortable enough to be worn when lounging - which I do a lot!

It can be paired with jeans, joggers, over the top of a dress, anyhow really it is a very versatile piece. The light pink writing really adds to the vibrancy of this jumper and it goes very well with the blazer.

Ochre Everyday Kate Slim Leg Trousers (regular)

These Kate Everyday Slim Leg Trousers contain four way stretch fabric to respond to your curves, have a secret waistband to fit all shapes and sizes as well as a hidden magisculpt panel to flatten your tummy.

These little hidden extras are a godsend if like me you happen to have a bit of a tummy! They have a slim leg which just hits my ankle and the little detail of the cut out V shape at the bottom of the leg, adding a little extra.

I've worn these various times since receiving them and I have to say they are very comfortable, they make me feel like I've made an effort with my outfit when all I've really done is pop on a pair of trousers!

Organic Disc Layered Necklace

I had to add an accessory to finish off my outfits and this disc layered necklace suits them all perfectly. I always think accessories can make an outfit complete and can turn an otherwise ordinary outfit into something quite different, just with the addition of a belt, bag, earrings, necklace or such.

Although I wouldn't count them being part of a capsule wardrobe - that's precious space they're taking up! I love how this one is double layered, adding a point of difference to any outfit.

My Thoughts

I absolutely love all of these items from JD Williams, the quality is second to none and they will all go with the clothes I already have in my wardrobe.

When I put them on, I always feel good and just know that I can feel confident and comfortable which is such a good feeling.

Knowing I have these basics in my wardrobe means I needn't worry about 'not having anything to wear!'. I know I can mix and match them with my favourite MOM jeans or my favourite slogan tee.

So if you're looking for better quality clothes and wanting to step up from Primark, I highly suggest you head on over to JD Williams and have a look on their website.

Sarah xoxoxo

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