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AD Capture Extraordinary Moments with Life Less Ordinary Co-ordinate Bracelets

AD- This post is in collaboration with Life Less Ordinary. All opinions and images are my own.

Are you looking for the prefect way to remember a special time and place, or perhaps a new way to commemorate an anniversary. Well, look no further than a Life Less Ordinary Co-ordinate bracelet.

These gorgeous bracelets are the prefect way to remember a special place in your life, from where you got married, to where you met, or even to remember a place which was once special to you. Each ethical co-ordinate bracelet is handmade, using vegan ivory as it’s tough but wonderfully durable, long lasting and of course, cruelty free.

Life Less Ordinary also give back to charity with every bracelet sold, as well as being ethical, handmade, thoughtful and cruelty free. So all in all, it’s win win all round!

Who Are Life Less Ordinary?

Life Less Ordinary is a small UK business run by Amie and her boyfriend who decided to take life in their own hands and travel the world, where inspiration for their business and ethics was born. The idea was originally born in Brighton where they wanted to live differently and experience life.

Travel became something which enriched their lives and even further cemented the idea of Life Less Ordinary with giving back to charity at the forefront of their minds. So it was this in mind that with every purchase, they give back to charity which I think is just wonderful.

Ethical, Fairtrade and cruelty-free products are at the heart of everything they do, their cotton bags are Fairtrade, their tagua nuts are cruelty-free and the cards they write their personal thank you notes on can be planted, so you can grow something for every bracelet sold! Amazing!

Co-Ordinate Bracelets

Life Less Ordinary co-ordinate bracelets perfectly capture your extraordinary moments so you can take them with you wherever you are. It is these bracelets that are made from vegan ivory which is tough, beautiful and of course, cruelty-free.

The wonderful thing about these bracelets is that you can also have a special message written on the back too which could definitely be something really meaningful if say, you were buying two for yourself and your partner. You could have a secret message which only the two of you know about! It could be quite fun!

How to find your co-ordinates? Well, helpfully enough, Life Less Ordinary have an online tool which allows you to search for the co-ordinates you need! Handy huh? And even if you’re not buying from Life Less Ordinary, you can still use this tool to check the co-ordinates for anything else you might need!

When choosing your own co-ordinate bracelet, you can choose the colours of the band too! You can choose from black, coffee brown, ocean blue, burgundy, purple and pink. I went for blue and purple – I’d have loved to have chosen blue and orange to go with the cord ankle bracelet I got whilst on a pirate ship in the Whitsundays, Australia. But alas they did not have orange available, so I just went with purple instead.

The co-ordinates I went with for my bracelet were for the Whitsundays, Australia as this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life when I was in Australia. It was where I saw a humpback whale and swam with turtles, all whilst quietly sailing on a pirate ship around the amazing blue sea and perfectly white sandy beaches. Total bliss.

It works perfectly with the other bracelet I have on my wrist already – a thin silver bracelet with ‘I believe’ written on it, which I bought myself after completing my very first 10K. It means a lot to me because it reminds me that I can do it, even if I think I can’t.

Their co-ordinate bracelets retail for £19, with couples bracelets retailing at £38. UK shipping is free and they also offer international shipping starting at £3 for an individual item with each additional item charged at £1.

My Life Less Ordinary Review

I have to say, I absolutely love my Life Less Ordinary co-ordinate bracelet so much. I love how it reminds me of a special time in my life which I shared with my sister and lots of other cool people. I love how it goes with the other bracelets I wear on each wrist, I feel like they all sum me up pretty well, you’d definitely be able to tell what kind of a person I am from just my bracelets!

I also love the whole brand and their ethos and how they’ve put being ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free at the forefront. The fact that every sale supports their chosen charities is so wonderful and just makes me love them even more.

The bracelet itself is durable, well fitting, adjustable and well made. I like how I can adjust it to fit my wrist and the vegan ivory stoppers prevent the cord from coming loose and help keep the ends from splitting or fraying.

The fact that it is completely customisible – from the choice of cord colours, to the co-ordinates themselves, to having a secret message on the back, ensures that this bracelet can be completely unique for everyone.

Having something like this to give to someone really makes a difference and makes Life Less Ordinary stand out from other brands/businesses selling similar bracelets. You can really ensure that this gift is unlike any other on the market – their whole ethos is one I can get behind and am very happy to be sharing such an incredible brand with you.

I love supporting small businesses and Life Less Ordinary is no exception. These bracelets – as well as the other products available on their website, would make great Christmas gifts. It’s never too early to start thinking about it!

I really hope you’ll take a look at their website and perhaps buy a bracelet or a wallet or perhaps even a Morse code bracelet! The possibilities are endless!

Happy Shopping!



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