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5 of My Favourite Vegan Easter Treats

With Easter around the corner, brighter days, cute baby animals and longer nights are also soon coming our way too. Better days are coming which makes me very happy because 2022 started off with storms, flooding, snow, general cold, miserable days and it felt like they were going to go on forever! But alas, March is here and as usual we can all start getting excited about lighter, brighter days and of course, Easter! If you’re anything like me you welcome in all the Easter eggs, mini eggs & Easter treats as soon as they hit the supermarket shelves in early February! As a vegan, this is especially useful because it allows me to stock up on the goodies as soon as I see them – therefore ensuring that I don’t miss out! So, without further ado, here are 5 of my favourite Vegan Easter treats!

Frieda Free From Caterpillar Cakes

The vegan Easter treat we’ve been waiting for! These mini caterpillar cakes are free from eggs, gluten and milk so are suitable for most diets and who wouldn’t want to have a fun mini caterpillar cake to eat during this chocolate season? As a vegan it was very sad that I couldn’t have a Colin the Caterpillar cake, so you can imagine my delight at finding these in ASDA! They go well with a cup of tea I’ve found! Gluten, milk and egg free chocolate sponge made from Belgian chocolate with a chocolate frosting and covered in couverture chocolate, topped with multi-coloured sugar decorations and a Belgian chocolate and milk free white chocolate face.

Doisy & Dam Dark Chocolate Buttons

Doisy and Dam chocolate buttons

Chocolate makes everything better, so we made everything about chocolate better.

Better ingredients, better ethics, better chocolate. You all know what these are, but you’ve never had them this goddamn delicious.

It wouldn’t be Easter without some chocolate buttons and these from Doisy & Dam are ones you can enjoy guilt free. No Palm Oil is used in their recipes – they do business with a conscience, no Palm Oil, no harm done.

Single Origin Colombian cocoa, happy, fairly paid farmers, investing in community development. Simply put, the best cocoa around.

Doisy & Dam also do their own version of mini eggs which work well as an Easter treat or in your Easter baking – cornflake cakes I’m looking at you!

NOMO Easter Eggs & Cookie Dough Bunny

NOMO Cookie Dough Bunny

I have loved NOMO since becoming began three years ago, their chocolate is in my opinion by far some of the best vegan chocolate available on the market. Now they’ve launched a cookie dough bunny just in time for Easter and I have to say it’s really rather tasty! Cookie Dough Bunny: Non-dairy alternative to milk chocolate with a cookie dough flavour centre containing rice cereal and cocoa pieces. NOMO is the UK’s number one vegan and free from chocolate brand created by Kinnerton Confectionary. Their mission is to create products that all chocolate lovers can enjoy. Whether you’re vegan, have a good allergy, or just want to make small changes to help the environment, NOMO is the number one choice when it comes to chocolatey deliciousness! Their new caramel bar was voted 2020’s Best Vegan Chocolate by Vegan Food UK and 25,000 vegan consumers! And I was one of them, because believe you me, when you were used to Dairy Milk’s Cadbury’s Caramel bar (anyone else picturing the bunny they had in their adverts!) when you find one THIS good, you SHOUT about it! (Well I do anyway!) All their chocolate is free from: Dairy, Gluten, Egg and Nuts so everyone can enjoy and there’s No More Missing Out! (NOMO!)

Hot Cross Buns (M&S Bramley Apple / ASDA Extra Special Bramley Apple & Cinnamon – accidentally vegan)

Marks and Spencers Bramley Apple Hot Cross Buns

OK, so what is more Easter-y than a Hot Cross Bun fresh from the toaster, smothered in butter? I tell you, not much! So, with a little patience and label reading you CAN find accidentally vegan ones from your favourite supermarkets or even ones which are clearly labelled in that brand’s vegan range. I love the ones from Marks and Spencers, there’s just something about them which makes them taste so good! Plus, more often than not, some of their ‘normal’ range is accidentally vegan, which is a bonus in itself if you ask me! Bramley Apple Hot Cross Buns: with candied apple, apple compote, juicy sultanas and a hint of warming cinnamon. Now doesn’t that just sound delicious? The Plant Kitchen Hot Cross Buns are packed full of juicy sultanas and raisins, blended with avocado puree and coconut oil, flavoured with lemon zest and spices. These are very tasty and are definitely a good substitute for the non-vegan ones.

ASDA Extra Special Hot Cross Buns

ASDA Extra Special Bramley Apple Hot Cross Buns are delicately spiced and packed full of plump sultanas. These were a good find and just goes to show the availability of accidentally vegan foods in our local supermarkets!

Plus, once they’re toasted and covered in a dairy free spread, you hardly notice the difference anyway!

Ditto Bakes

I’ve featured Ditto Bakes on my blog previously, in my Guide to a Vegan Easter post and there’s good reason they’re also in this list! They’re handmade in Manchester (in Emma’s kitchen no less!) and are hands down, the absolute best vegan brownies I have ever had. Even my Mum & Dad like them (& that’s saying something because my Dad is always sceptical whenever I tell him that something is vegan!) so it means we can all enjoy a delicious treat! Ditto bakes, brownies & blondies are the most affordable letterbox brownies on the market. The secret brownie recipe was curated by vegan lifestyle influencer Emma who believes anything you can do, ditto, but vegan (which is something I’ve also come to believe over the last 3 years of my veganism journey). They contain the finest ingredients, including a tonne of authentic, melted Belgium chocolate!

This best-seller box contains 2 kind-er bueno brownies, 2 oreo brownies and 2 biscoff brownies and there’s good reason it’s their best seller! They’re absolutely delicious, I’ve found they male the perfect vegan dessert when paired with ice cream! They are the perfect contrast of gooey and crispy without being too much of either. Perfection! So, do yourself a favour this Easter and order yourself some brownies, buy a packet of hot cross buns, a NOMO cookie dough bunny, some Doisy and Dam buttons and a Frieda caterpillar cake. You’ll be the envy of all of your family+friends who may just be asking to try some of your delicious looking treats! Happy Easter, Sarah xoxoxo

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