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AD Finding My Confidence With IDentity Lingerie

AD - Post in collaboration with IDentity Lingerie. All images and opinions are my own.

I love lingerie. All kinds of lingerie. Comfy ones, sexy ones, coloured ones, neutral ones, supportive ones, cheap ones, expensive ones.

Give them all to me because honestly, life’s too short not to have a lingerie drawer which is busting at the seams with bras, knickers, bodices, bodies, bralettes, thongs and all things in between.

If you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should by the way!) you may not have seen that I’ve been sharing pictures of me in some rather gorgeous lacy lingerie from a UK small family-run brand which is ethical and sustainable – IDenity Lingerie.

Who Are IDentity Lingerie?

IDentity Lingerie are a small, family-run business from Spalding, Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom that produce ethically made, environmentally friendly lingerie which is all handmade in Europe.

When you support a small business you’re also helping the support a family-run brand who are driven by passion and desire to bring about positive change into society. Small handmade production allows them to make much higher quality pieces which all handmade with kindness, care and attention to detail.

IDentity Lingerie also ensure that at every stage of their manufacturing process is ethical and that there’s no 3rd world workers exploitation, no child labour, no harmful mass production, no fast fashion trends and complies with European labour law.

Knowing all this definitely makes lingerie and nightwear shopping easier. Your conscious is clear whilst you’re browsing through the many designs available on their website.

My Picks From IDentity Lingerie

I was spoilt for choice when browsing the website, there was so much to choose from! Gorgeous nightwear as well as all the stunning lingerie pieces.

In the end, I went for a matching lingerie set, a gorgeous matching robe and a silky gold nightgown.

To say I felt amazing in all of these would, of course, be an understatement! As soon as I put on the matching red lingerie set I instantly felt like the sexy goddess that I know I am.

The see-through bralette is absolutely stunning and makes me feel incredibly sexy! With the matching sexy red strappy thong makes for one insanely hot lingerie set!

Adding this sexy burgundy long see-through lace dressing gown on top just finishes off the outfit and makes me feel all sorts of wrong (in a good way!)!

I then added this long silk nightgown to finish everything off as I don’t own anything like this in my nightwear collection. Sometimes it’s nice to wear something a little sexier to bed, other than the comfy, snuggly pyjamas I usually go for! It’s so gorgeous to touch and hugs me in all the right places.

Finding My Confidence

Wearing sexy lingerie can make you feel so many different things all at once. You can be so secure in your body and also be completely unconfident at the same time.

You can be following all the right self-love, body confident pages on Instagram yet feel totally overwhelmed by it all in the same breath.

When they say life’s a roller-coaster of emotions, full of ups and downs they weren’t wrong. Learning to love your body at every stage of life can be very difficult – especially if you’re trying to lose weight whilst still maintaining a semblance of body confidence/neutrality.

These two things shouldn’t be mutually exclusive as I believe the two can exist side by side.

Actually, I find that it’s pretty amazing that my body can change so much when I increase my exercise and track what I’m eating.

I also find that dressing my body in sexy lingerie helps me with this. It helps me see that my body can still look sexy through the course of losing weight and that I should love every version.

But we also shouldn’t get too caught up in the curated, filtered, preset heavy photos we post on Instagram. We need to learn to love the unfiltered, very real body that we inhabit on a daily basis as this is the one we’re currently residing in.

Finding self-love and body confidence isn’t an easy road to be on and can be full of potholes, roadworks and diversions along the way but this shouldn’t ever stop you from joining it.

We all just need the proper maps and to remember to take breaks along the route.

I’m not afraid to admit that prior to beginning my weight loss journey, I didn’t like my body at all. In fact I’d go so far to say I hated it because it was so far away from the pre-pandemic body I’d gone into 2020 with.

After being unable to fit back into my work trousers after lockdown, I knew something had to be done.

Now that I’ve lost over 2 stone with Weight Watchers, I’m beginning to see my old body again. The one I used to put sexy lingerie upon and post the results on Instagram.

Brands like IDentity Lingerie are helping me to get back onto the road to self-love/body confidence once again and I for one couldn’t be happier.

My Final Thoughts

I for one am thankful to have found IDentity Lingerie because their collections are beautiful.

No matter what junction you’re at on the road to self-love and body confidence, you can look incredible along the way in whichever piece you choose from this gorgeous small business.

I’m always happy to support a small business which just happens to be not that far away from where I used to live! The fact that everything is handmade, eco-friendly and sustainable just makes me want to support them even more.

It can be difficult to find an ethical business in today’s market, everywhere you look it seems as though there’s another fast fashion brand popping up either copying small creator's designs or hiring ex-love island contestants as their creative director!

If you’re in the market for some gorgeous lingerie or sexy nightwear, then I can highly recommend IDentity Lingerie. Your conscience can be clear when checking out this brand!



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