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Five Fun Things to do on a Snow Day

Having woken up to snow I thought I would put together a list of some of the fun activities you can do when you encounter a snow day too!

Of course, being in the middle of a pandemic under Tier 4 stay at home restrictions helps because, well, you can choose what to do, or not to do!

Sometimes (usually when I'm working!) I hate the snow and want it all to go away but I'm trying to see the positives here! So here are just a few ideas for you if you too are wondering just what the hell to do when the snow falls!


1. Build a Snowman!

OK, so this one does involve you getting dressed but honestly? It's so much fun! Especially if you have kids, you can create memories alongside your snowman. Plus, you can always have a snowball fight whilst doing so!

2. Go Sledging

OK, so once you're outside you may as well try sledging! Now, you'll need some sort of sled for this, or perhaps an Axiski granted but I'm sure you'll find one in the back of the shed somewhere or you could always borrow one!

Either way, it's guaranteed to be good fun and provide much entertainment for kids young and old!

3. Stay in and Bake

Now what better excuse do you need to get in the kitchen than a snow day? (to be honest, I don't even need an excuse, I just bake!) I'm sure that after Christmas you have a lot of ingredients lying around that could be chucked into a cake or perhaps some tasty biscuits?

It doesn't have to be anything fancy, perhaps you've some bananas going bad which could be chucked into a bowl with flour, butter and eggs to make banana bread? I know I do! It was a massive hit last year when the first lockdown happened (remember that!?) so there's bound to be plenty of recipes around!

Personally I love getting in the kitchen and whipping up a cake, cupcakes or such. I just find it to be so therapeutic and of course, you get something tasty at the end of it! A snow day is a good chance to try that recipe you've been hankering after or make a batch of your favourite cookies.

4. Watch a Film or Series on Netflix

I don't know about you, but I love snuggling down on the sofa under a blanket watching a the latest episodes of my favourites series on Netflix. When the weather's bad and there's no reason to be outside (like a snow day!) then why not settle down with yourself, your family or with friends virtually.

I've recently been watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina which I absolutely loved. Sadly the third season was the last but I'd still recommend it if you were a fan of the 90s show! It's a bit darker than the original but definitely worth a watch if you like that kind of thing!

I'm now watching Sons of Anarchy which is something completely different altogether but it is very well written and the lead character is quite easy on the eye which always helps!

But of course there are lots of other shows and films available so you're bound to find something that is suitable for those watching.

Bonus points if you've already baked something and eat it whilst watching your chosen show/film!

5. Have a Bath

If all else fails, you can always run yourself a bath, take a drink in with you and not come out until the water's cold and you've turned into a prune! A snow day is the perfect excuse to escape under the bubbles, ease away the stress of lockdown and relax for half an hour or so.

You can always watch an episode or two of your favourite show whilst you're in there too, making it an even more luxurious way to escape the snow! Or you could listen to music, a podcast, whatever floats your boat.

Why not crack out that bubble bath you only keep for best, or that bath oil you always say you'll use? Taking time for you is so important at the moment so don't let anything or anyone get in between you and your all important self-care moment.

So there you have it, a few fun things to do during a snow day!

Sarah xoxoxoxo

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