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AD The Writer’s Job Newsletter Review

In case you don’t know (as it’s fairly recent) there’s a new writer’s job newsletter on the block. The Writer’s Job Newsletter was launched in 2021 to help freelance writers succeed in a period of difficulty.

The COVID-19 pandemic took a lot away from us, but they exist to represent, support and improve the careers of writers.

How The Pandemic Changed Our Working Life

Lockdown has made a lot of us re-evaluate how and where we spend our time.

For some of us, our jobs were either taken away from us during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown, whilst for others, they simply decided that working 9-5 for the capitalist hamster wheel wasn’t what got them up in the morning.

Whatever your reason, looking for freelance writing opportunities has increased massively. There are probably more freelancers than jobs and COVID definitely didn’t help matters, slowly but surely though jobs are increasing.

The first question you may ask yourself when starting out on the freelance train, is ‘where do I even begin to look for freelancing jobs?’ and whilst Twitter is one of the best places to look, actually securing a well-paid job can be difficult.

Finding Freelance Jobs Just Got Easier

As hard-working, dedicated freelance writers, your stories can all be pretty similar. Struggling to find decent paying clients as endless e-mails/pitches are sent with little traction and your personal blogs struggle with sub-100 view counts and no revenue.

But the longer you’re in the industry the more you understand things like SEO and keyword analysis, and you can begin to see the first trickle of money coming in.

After that, you keep chasing the light until the great day comes and when it does, you’re ready for it! Repeat business has landed.

Of course, you all want this day to arrive quicker than it does and this is where The Writer’s Job Newsletter comes in. Landing in your inbox every week it’s filled to the brim with the best paid, fair, freelancing jobs that freelancers and remote writers can secure.

The goal of the Writer’s Job Newsletter is to improve accessibility and good writers should flourish everywhere. The kinds of jobs offered by The Writer’s Job Newsletter include:

- £2,500: Aesthetic Creative Writing Award (Competition)

- £1000: The Edinburgh Award for Flash Fiction (Competition)

- Awesome Motive is hiring a remote Digital Marketing Manager. This is a full-time position that is 100% remote with no geographical restrictions. Work remotely from anywhere

- Help craft the next great campaign for Enterprise, St Louis CITY SC, Busch Gardens, Lion’s Choice, St Louis Children’s Hospital and many more.

- Memberful is looking to add a Content Creator to the small remote team

So there is something for everyone in The Writer’s Job Newsletter, no matter your skill level or passion, you’re bound to find a writing gig for you. The team over at TWJN are also always looking for input into their newsletter and of course, the jobs themselves!

My Thoughts On The Writer’s Job Newsletter

Personally, I’ve not had any experience with using this newsletter as I’m not necessarily looking for these types of freelance writing jobs, but I’ve heard other writers have done.

There are quite a few of these kinds of newsletters going around but I have to say that TWJN is one of the best!

Some of the other newsletters can lack the personal touch that TWJN brings is unmatched. I love feeling like there’s a real person on the other end of the newsletter who just wants to bring the very best writing jobs to my inbox every week.

Connecting with Della on Twitter has been wonderful, she’s an amazing writer, blogger and is now in charge of the Twitter of TWJN.

She is aiming to not only share amazing writing jobs (as well as re-tweeting all of the ones shown in the hashtags such as #writingcommunity #writerslift #freelance #remotework #remotejobs etc) but also grow the TWJN community.

So, if you’re starting (or already in the middle of) your freelance journey, then I can highly recommend The Writer’s Job Newsletter to you. It’s packed full of wonderful jobs (and the occasional competition!) which have proven successes!

Also, if you do find yourself with an amazing job after receiving the newsletter please do let Della and the whole TWJN team know about it!

They share reviews on their website as well as in the newsletter – with links to your website too, so bonus right there!

Thanks to Della and the team at The Writer’s Job Newsletter for allowing me to write this post and for featuring me in their newsletter.

Sign up for their newsletter and get all these amazing jobs and more into your inbox every week!



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