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Fun Social Activities To Do With Friends This Summer

a group of friends having a picnic by a lake

Socialising is good for the soul. Studies show that spending time with people we love can have a hugely positive impact on mental health and well-being.

In an age where many of us devote more time to messaging and liking posts on social media than making calls and organising reunions, it’s important not to forget the benefits of seeing friends and family members.

With summer now in full swing, what better time to make the most of the weather and plan some fun social activities?

If you’re keen to bring friends together, here are some ideas to get you thinking.

A day at the beach

three friends walking on the beach holding hands

We often think about days at the beach with a hint of nostalgia.

Many of us have grown up enjoying family holidays at seaside resorts, soaking up the sun while reclining in deckchairs and marvelling at the neon lights of arcades and amusement parks.

Going to the beach doesn’t have to be something you do as a child or with your children or grandchildren. It’s a great way to spend a day out or a weekend away with friends.

You could plan a day trip, stay overnight in a hotel or rent an apartment or even organise a week-long staycation.

Cater to the unpredictable weather by hiring a beach hut for the day, research the best restaurants or fish and chip shops and see what there is to see and do.

Afternoon tea

a person pouring tea out of a teapot

Who doesn’t love afternoon tea? A British classic, high tea has been enjoyed for decades.

Today, you can choose from all kinds of experiences, from quintessential teas at country hotels and castles to fine dining experiences at luxury restaurants and novelty tours in open-top buses or vintage train carriages, there’s something for everyone.

It’s worth reading reviews and checking menus and prices beforehand to find something that is perfect for your group.

There are often options to add a glass of bubbles or cocktails for special occasions, for example.

Relaxing spa retreats

a person getting a massage on her head

Do you feel like you need to recharge your batteries, or does a pamper session sound like bliss?

Many of us lead hectic lives and it can be difficult to find the time to rest and unwind.

Spa days and weekends are an ideal option for those looking to catch up with friends while enjoying some high-quality downtime.

Spend the morning in a thermal pool, book a massage, enjoy lunch together and unwind in a sauna or steam room.

Treat yourself to a manicure or a mud wrap, go for a swim or relax with an indulgent facial.

There are options to suit all budgets, from half-day sessions and individual treatments to long weekends and pamper packages.

lots of people smiling and drinking and laughing in an outdoor bar area

Enjoying social activities this Summer

Spending time with friends and family members can give us a huge boost in terms of mental health and well-being.

If it’s been a while since you saw friends in person, or you need a pick-me-up, why not plan a day out or a fun activity this summer?

From going to the beach and enjoying sumptuous sandwiches and cakes to relaxing at the spa, there are all kinds of options to choose from.

Love, Sarah


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