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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate International Cat Day

Today is International Cat Day, so I thought I would write a post all about these adorable little creatures!

As you will know by now, I love animals- including cats! They are cute, fluffy and always after a cuddle or two. However, unfortunately many cats are abandoned or left in shelters every year and it is important to understand how to look after cats.

In this post, I'm discussing 5 fun ways to celebrate International Cat Day, including unique places to check out and small, free ways to enjoy these cute little critters.

1. Head to a cat café

One of the best ways to celebrate cats on International Cat Day is to head to a cat café.

A cat café is just like an ordinary café, with one exciting difference- cats! There are cat cafés in most major cities, and I really want to check out the one in York.

Cat cafés give you a chance to enjoy some delicious food and drink, all while stroking and getting to know lots of different, adorable cats for the day.

2. Cuddle a cute cat

Celebrate this International Cat Day by visiting an adorable cat or kitten. You could visit a friend with a cat or even stop to stroke a cat on the street.

If you have a cat of your own, give it an extra cuddle this International Cat Day!

Stroking a cat is a lovely, small pleasure of life. It gives you chance to cuddle a cute pet and it can even have mental health benefits for us too!

3. Watch your favourite feline film!

There are so many feline films and cartoons to check out this International Cat Day, including The Secret Life of Pets, Cats, Aristocats, Cats and Dogs and more!

I love settling down with a good film and a good bowl of popcorn, and there are lots of films featuring adorable cat characters.

Whether you love cartoons or you're obsessed with musicals- try out one of your favourites or enjoy a new film.

4. Donate to a cat shelter or charity

Cat shelters do important work for cats from all backgrounds. These shelters look after cats that have been found as strays or abandoned by their owners.

The RSPCA rescues and looks after cats on a national level, and each city often has their own local cat shelter or charity to check out.

You could donate to a cat shelter or even adopt a little cat this International Cat Day.

Unfortunately, black cats are often overlooked in centres. These cats are known as the most "unpopular" choice in shelters- so rescuing a black cat is an even bigger good deed- not to mention giving a deserving cat a good home.

I'd adopt all of them if I could!

5. Learn about how to help cats

This International Cat Day, try to learn a bit about these adorable creatures. There is so much to learn about cats, including domestic pets and big cats.

Spend some time understanding how we can all reduce cat homelessness, and make sure every cat gets properly looked after whether it's in our homes or out in the wild.

If you have a pet cat, you could also learn about how to feed it the right food and invest in some new pet supplies or toys.

How are you celebrating International Cat Day this year? Let me know!

Love, Sarah xoxox

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