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AD Creating A Gallery Wall With Poster Store

photo shows a wall with prints on it

AD - Post in collaboration with Poster Store, posters gifted in exchange for this post all opinions and pictures my own.

Are you wanting to liven up your living space? Looking to change up the artwork in your bedroom?

Well, look no further than Poster Store, where art is inspired by Scandinavian design and fits well in many different homes and interior design styles.

There’s so much to choose from, with animal prints, nature prints, modern art, photography, fashion, kitchen art and so much more.

With matching frames available in varying sizes, you’re guaranteed not to be left confused about trying to find frames to match all the gorgeous prints available at Poster Store.

They have a wide range of small and large frames which are specifically designed for their posters, enabling you to create the most stylish wall art.

photo shows a wall with an orange sunset picture in a frame

Creating A Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is one of the easiest ways to add a shade of difference and interest to a bare wall.

Combining large and small prints is a simple interior design trick used to draw the eye towards a particular focus in an otherwise bare room.

To achieve balance in a room it’s a good idea to distribute the visual weight of your furniture and accents.

You should consider scale between large and small items, textures of hard and soft as well as the overall positioning of your prints (for example) ensuring that there are some which are placed at eye level, low placement, left and right placements.

photo shows pictures in frames on a wall

With the wide availability of differing-sized prints at Poster Store, creating a gallery wall is made really easy.

With the Gallery Wall Inspiration page on the website, you’re bound to find plenty of ideas for planning on how to showcase your gorgeous prints from the Poster Store.

5 Tips To Creating A Gallery Wall

Find inspiration – a good place to start for trying to find what you like is to look on Instagram, searching words such as ‘interior design’, ‘gallery walls’, ‘scandi style’ and such.

Take time to see what you like, look at pages and designs that you might not even particularly like to really hone in on the kind of styles and designs you do like.

Tailor to the room – the size and style of any gallery wall is of course determined by the size of the room in which it will be placed.

Standing frames can be placed onto chests of drawers or bookshelves, and neatly arranged with other ornaments to create a still life.

If you’re placing your gallery wall above a piece of furniture for example, then to achieve balance the frames should be centred above the width of the couch/chair.

A good guideline is to hang the posters so that they’re further away from the ceiling than the furniture below. Having a spirit level around will definitely make this process easier!

photo shows a sunset picture on a wall in a frame

Choose your favourite prints and create your arrangement – One good tip here is to start from a straight bottom or top, or from a larger poster in the middle and place smaller posters around it.

Of course, you can go with your own style here, there are no rules after all!

Just go with what looks good and which arrangement catches your eye. Perhaps you have a favourite print which you want to showcase on your gallery wall. Go with the flow!

photo shows a gallery wall of posterse on a wall in gold frames

Find harmony between prints and frames – If your prints/posters are different styles and colours, it’s recommended to have uniform frames to create a harmonious impression.

If the colours/motifs are a uniform colour (i.e. black and white), you may want to mix up the frames of different varieties. For instance, black and white wooden frames look good together.

The best way to attach the frames to the wall – Determine how big your gallery wall will be by adding the widths of all frames and the distances between each one.

Then measure the total width of your gallery wall and mark the corners.

This is so the entire gallery wall gets properly centred above the surrounding furniture. Start in one corner and place the frame in the right place, and make a small dot with a pencil in the centre above the frame.

Measure the distance from the top of the frame to the hanger and measure the same distance from the dot on the wall.

Then it’s only a matter of putting a nail into place and placing the frame onto it and repeating the process with the rest of your posters in your gallery wall.

Choosing The Prints For My Gallery Wall

Upon looking on the Poster Store website, there were so many designs to choose from at first I couldn’t quite decide which ones to choose!

Thankfully after spending some time on their website, I narrowed down my choices to ones which had a similar colour palette. I thought this would work well for my gallery wall.

Pastel Sunset Poster - A romantic photo poster of a soft pastel-coloured sunset behind delicate filigree grasses.

In this summer meadow, the sky glows in hues of pale pink, coral orange and purple as the sun melts into the lilac skyline.

Offset this muted and elegant pastel poster with cheerful colour accents for a fresh and inviting look.

photo shows a sunset picture on a wall in a frame

Surfboards on Beach Poster - A summer-y photographic poster of pastel-coloured surfboards on the beach between two palm trees and the sea in the background. Bring beautiful pastel colours and a feeling of freedom into your home!

Las Vegas Sign Poster - A colourful photographic poster of the iconic "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign in Las Vegas.

The welcome sign was designed in 1959 and has been one of the most popular photo spots in this breathtaking metropolitan area ever since.

Venice Beach Poster - A colourful photographic poster of the famous Venice sign in the Venice district in Los Angeles, US.

Venice is famous for its iconic Venice Beach Boardwalk and the many beautiful canals remind us of the Italian city of Venice.

Get your favourite cities into your home and remember wonderful moments in great places.

photo shows a gallery wall of pictures all in gold frames

The Beverly Hills Hotel Poster - A pastel-coloured photographic poster of the luxury hotel "The Beverly Hills Hotel" in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.

The prestigious hotel is one of the main symbols of the city and world-famous people have stayed there.

The hotel has a green and pink facade and it creates a beautiful colour combination of the blue sky and green palm trees.

I love how all my posters look together, they all remind me of different times in my life and the places I’ve been, which is just lovely.

I’ve actually been to Las Vegas, Venice Beach and have seen the Beverley Hills Hotel in LA so I love having these memories on my wall.

The surfboards and pastel sunset posters, both remind me of my travels around Australia and spending time at the beach, watching sunsets and generally having an amazing time!

I believe that creating a gallery wall should always provoke memories, or conversation and generally make people as happy as the memories or moments they evoke. Isn’t this why we have art in our homes in the first place?

To spark a memory of a time or place long forgotten? To remember better times and perhaps encourage us to once again step outside our comfort zones?

Perhaps I’m getting too deep about a bunch of posters of places I once visited. But that’s ok, so long as I have the memories ay?

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Can be used from 21 - 28 Aug!



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