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5 Ways to Get Into a New Sport

Getting into a new sport can be tricky business, but there are a few ways to help yourself get into a new sport and find your new favourite healthy hobby.

Sport is fantastic for your mental health, and there are lots of ways to enjoy exercise- at home or in a class. Learning a new sport can make exercise exciting and new, and give you a breath of fresh air in your daily routine.

In this post, I'm discussing 5 ways to get into a new sport. This could be anything, from swimming to running to going to the gym. Whatever makes you enjoy your active time!

1. Do what makes you feel comfortable

If you want to try out a new sport, you need to find ways to make sure you are comfortable, and ways to enjoy it as much as possible. Choose to start back up a sport that you already know how to do, or one that you think would fit your skillset.

You should also choose a sport that is physically easy to practice in your day to day life, such as one that is offered at your local gym or sports centre.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving yourself a challenge and starting something brand new, but if you don't enjoy it and you're not comfortable, you won't keep it up.

2. Try out a class

Sometimes it can be hard to get into a new sport, so why not join a class (if you feel comfortable).

This means you can learn your way without having to do your own research, and there are plenty of simple classes to go to which could help you learn and practice your new skill.

Joining a class will also give you the motivation to keep going, and it gives you a specific time and place to practice your new sport.

3. Sign yourself up for a challenge

If you've been following my fitness journey, you'll know I've completed many personal milestones and achievements since starting to run- and I've loved each and every one. I love running and I've signed up for a half-marathon in May to challenge myself in 2022.

Challenging yourself is a great way to push yourself a little. This could be as small as telling yourself how many lengths of the pool you want to do today, or signing yourself up for a mini competition.

Set yourself goals to help your journey in the new sport.

4. It's a marathon, not a sprint

No, not that kind of marathon! When you're learning a new sport, don't push yourself too hard too fast. Take baby steps and stay consistent.

Consistency is key, so make sure you try and do your new sport at a specific time each week, for example, and find ways to break challenges into smaller chunks so you don't feel too overwhelmed.

5. Do it with friends

Everything's better when you do it with friends! Find ways to join with others for your new hobby as it may help you enjoy the new sport even more- and keep it up consistently.

Starting a new sport with friends can also give you a bit of motivation to get up and go if you need it.

Getting into a new sport isn't always easy, but it's a great way to get a bit of exercise, stay active, and release those endorphins. It is also a great way to mix up your exercise routine a little bit!

I'd love to hear about your experiences getting into new sports, and if you have any tips to add to my list.

Sarah xoxoxo

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