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Getting Cosy With Home Bargains: All You Need For The Perfect Autumn Night In

AD- All items sent to me for the purposes of this review on my blog and on my Instagram, all photos and opinions my own.

I don't know about you but when Autumn comes around all I want to do is sit on the sofa wearing the snuggliest pyjamas, the fluffiest socks, my massive dressing gown and just not move.

Autumn has to be my most favourite season, mainly because of the changing colours of the leaves, the bright blue skies with sunshine and a slight chill in the air.

With this in mind, Home Bargains got in touch and asked me if I wanted to be a part of their #GetCosy campaign. The box included everything I could need to have some much needed self-care, something which is really important to me as my job sometimes involves working late nights.

I can end up tired, cranky and like a walking zombie! All I want to do is have a long, hot bubble bath, pop on my pjs and settle down in front of Netlifx! I know I'm not the only one who feels this way when the seasons change, it's like there's a valid excuse to stay indoors and indulge your inner sloth!

No more feeling guilty for being inside whilst everyone else is out there enjoying the good weather......or feeling like you're missing out staying in when everyone else is out with friends.Stay indoors and Get Cosy!

My Self-Care Routine

On a night when I don't have to work I love taking my time to completely unwind and relax. I put on my favourite music or set up my phone to watch a YouTube video or three, usually a vlog so I don't have to change channels too often!

I run myself a lovely hot bath, popping in some bath salts and these Prosecco ones from Home Bargains are perfect. I always have a drink whilst I am in the bath, it is a part of my self-care routine; it helps me to unwind and ease the stresses and strains of the day.

Wine is usually my go to but occasionally I spoil myself with a bottle of Prosecco! Bathing in it would be pure indulgence that's for sure.

I usually add in some bubble bath or a bath bomb to create even more bubbles as you can never have enough of them in my opinion.

Once the bath is ready, I pop on a face mask, lie back and relax. I have a multitude of face masks from peel off ones like this cucumber one to the Vegan facemasks from The Body Shop. They always make me feel relaxed whenever I apply one, mainly because you can't really do anything whilst you're wearing one!

I always light candles too, the more the merrier in my opinion. It means I can switch off the lights and get in the mood. It also helps my brain to start shutting down and get ready for the night.

I know I need to start doing this more often as I know from experience that allowing myself time to come down from the days events helps me sleep better. I could do with this right now as my sleeping pattern has been horrendous recently! I need all the sleep I can get....!

Once out of the bath I use my Kathleen Citrus Body Oil which sinks into my skin so quickly and makes it such a sensual experience. The citrus scent helps to relax me even more - instantly making me feel ready for bed.

If I'm really wanting to up the ante and have major self-care I will usually pop on a foot pack and a hand pack if I have one, I find they give ultimate moisture to my dry feet and hands which do suffer with the changing seasons and being on my feet for 8 hours a night!

Of course when I'm wearing a hand pack I can't do anything, including touching my phone so it's a fabulous excuse not to be on Twitter or checking Instagram! Plus my hands get all nice and moisturised which is super important.

Of course, I do wish we still had an open fire, as there's nothing better than getting all snuggled up and cosy in front of one. But alas those days are over but I guess I can still get the same effect (minus the heat!) from the Fireplace on Netflix!

With that being said, I do love settling down on my sofa with either a soya hot chocolate or a cup of green tea.If I'm feeling extra cosy I'll fill up a hot water bottle and grab some chocolates too.

I haven't had After Eights for years but there's something about them which just makes me feel decadent. Plus they're so thin you can definitely get away with having a few!

Loving Autumn

As my birthday is in November I always love it when the clocks go back, we get an extra hour in bed and the nights draw in.

I feel a special resonance with it, like I don't really feel the cold and am ready to hunker down for the next few months, all the while taking advantage of the sunnier days to be out and about, so when the bad weather does hit there's no need to feel guilty

We have been lucky weather wise in the UK recently, the cold autumn weather hasn't really hit us yet so even if the skies do decide to open and batter us with wind and rain, the temperature hasn't fallen to the usual Autumnal coldness which I think we were all expecting.

Being inside doesn't mean that you have to miss out on anything or not start anything. It could be the perfect time to finish all those jobs inside which you've been putting off when the weather was good.

Plus, with Autumn what I love most are those crisp days where the sun is shining but there are crispy leaves on the ground and there is a slight chill in the air.

You can wrap up in your big coat, scarf and boots and take it all in. Get rosy cheeks, burn a few calories walking around in the beautiful countryside.

It does wonders for your mental health which is so important, being outside away from screens and taking it all in. It's an act of self-care in itself. Plus after being cold outside, what better way to warm up than with a beautiful bubble bath?!

I think you'll agree that I have all the right ingredients for a cosy autumnal night in. It is my absolute favourite season and I now feel ready to hibernate for the foreseeable future!

How do you prepare for Autumn? Have you been to Home Bargains recently? Let me know!

Love, Sarah


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