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AD Getting Real About Influencer Pay Checks

AD- This is a collaborative post, all opinions are my own. I have been financially compensated to write this post.

Sometimes life can be hard. We're supposed to have it all, to have an amazing job, the perfect house, post amazing photos on Instagram and still have the time to see friends, walk the dog and go to the pub on Sundays for a roast!

Yeah, well I'm here to tell you that it doesn't work like that. We're all struggling, some more than others but while we'd like to believe we can have it all, that's simply not true.

Underneath the glamorous selfies and amazing travel photos, there's usually an air of pressure that isn't shared. The invoices that aren't paid on time, the bills that need paying, and the PRs who don't value your worth.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of all the fakeness. I want to follow people who show the real side of life, the struggling to pay the bills, getting the brands and PRs to pay their fees, can't make ends meet people. The ones who I'll relate to are always those who don't sugar coat anything but who aren't afraid to tell it like it is.

I must admit, talking about money isn't something I'm very good at, never have been really but it's definitely something I need to become better at. Being honest about money and blogger's paychecks will always be something I try to do. are a well-established and reputable short-term loan leader who care about their customers and want to ensure they have an easy journey and know all information about committing to a short-term loan.

If we find ourselves short of money, we shouldn't be afraid of asking for help, if done right and with the right firm, it can help us out of a tough spot when we need it most. Just as long as you get good financial advice to prevent debt building up in the future. There are plenty of apps out there these days to help keep you on track on a day-to-day basis, one such app is Monzo which is one I've heard so many people talk about online. I'm yet to check it out for myself, but it could be really good for you! Recently, my hours at work went down and therefore my paycheck wasn't as good as previous months. I could only just afford to pay my rent & other bills. It actually made me quite depressed, and I've only really come through the other side of it. If I hadn't been in such a fortunate position as I am, I might've been one of the 3 million people who apply for loans every year.

We just need to be careful with repayments and not get into further debt on the loan itself. We shouldn't be ashamed of having to ask for help with money, I don't know why there's so much stigma around this subject to be honest.

Is it because as bloggers/Youtubers/influcencers, it isn't seen as a proper job and even those working in this industry don't how to quantify our work therefore there's a bigger gap between what our time/work is worth and the amount that brands are willing to pay us?

Why should we accept less just because it isn't a proper job?! Our time spent working on a collaboration with a brand is worth just as much as if you were working in an office in a team on a work project! If not more so because we have to do everything ourselves!

We definitely deserve these paychecks and more for the effort we put into each piece of work. There shouldn't be any shame in us talking about our rates and how much value we place on ourselves.

By the same token, we should be afraid to talk about needing to bridge the gap between paydays and what's left over after all our bills go out. Sadly, debt doesn't discriminate, and it doesn't matter what job you do sometimes it will sneak up on you like a bad case of deli belly.

I think all this goes back to what we learnt at school, if we'd been taught how to correctly manage money and how to save, I believe my generation would have a better handle on how to save for the big tickets items we're all supposed to have.

I can't get over the amount of people who are buying houses, especially as a lot of those people are younger than me! This brings up a whole load of anxiety and combined with the lack of proper education, can lead to a whole generation being hung out to dry.

I'd love to see proper education about money being taught in schools as I firmly believe this will have a big impact further down the road and prevent so many people getting into debt themselves.

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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