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Gifts For Formula One Fans This Festive Season

Do you have a Formula One fan in your life that you struggle to buy for when Christmas or their Birthdays come around? Or are you in the market for something a little different from the commercially available but incredibly overpriced team merch?

Well let me introduce you to some rather wonderful Formula One adjacent fan merchandise which is available now for Christmas!

I myself have been a fan of Formula One for almost as long as I can remember, it was always on the television and we’d all settle down as a family to watch the greats like Michael Schumacher, Gerhard Berger, Aryton Senna and Damon Hill race around iconic tracks such as Silverstone, Monaco and Spa.

That was when Formula One was great, before Netflix were even thinking about Driving to Survive and even before Lewis Hamilton had even entered the grid.

Back then Formula One adjacent merch wasn’t a thing either. But over the years that has all changed and as more and more DTS fans join the fandom, the availability and quality of the Formula One merchandise has increased.

So today I wanted to highlight a few of them and perhaps give you some ideas for the Formula One fans in your life, or even perhaps yourself!

Carbon Fibre Art

Run by Formula One fan Katy from Cheltenham in the UK, she creates art using a unique process that allows her to produce artwork with carbon fibre and resin.

This creates a super high gloss finish, 3D like quality and completely original.

Her artwork has been commissioned by the likes of Lando Norris, Lamborghini Edinburgh and social media influencer Lenny Urban of Urban Automotive.

Her work with real carbon fibre is sold in galleries across the UK and she paints full time alongside creating digital art whenever she gets the chance.

I picked up a helmet sticker pack from her Etsy shop to decorate my laptop – she sells a pack of 5 but you can also choose which driver/s you want as well, which is good if you’re not a particular fan of one or other of the drivers!

They retail for only £1.35 and are available for worldwide shipping.

Samuel Becker Art

Run by Samuel who specialises in sporting icons and moments, who tries to portray the best moments from the best stars and have them sit proudly on people’s walls.

He sells on Etsy as well as hosting some of his artwork on the Sixty Iconic website. They’re all handmade and Samuel does splat paintings as well as iconic fine art prints in limited numbers.

These fine art prints are printed onto EMA enhanced fine art paper of the highest grade 200 GSM and all print sizes are rolled, wrapped and delivered in a protective tube. The print arrived unframed but there are options to have them professionally framed before delivery.

I went for the Lewis Hamilton 2021 Brazil F1 limited edition print which celebrates Lewis’ incredible 25 place victory from the Sprint and Race proper. It was an incredible victory in the championship race of 2021 and I can’t wait to get it framed and hang it on my wall!

This print retails for £34.99 and delivers worldwide.

Handmade By Bee Crafts

Run by Bea, Handmade By Bee Crafts creates items for fans of Formula One, Marvel and Star Wars alongside female empowerment items. They are all handmade to order and can be customised on request.

I became aware of Handmade By Bee Crafts from Instagram – due to a certain driver (Pierre Gasly) liking almost every photo on his feed! ‘Liked by Pierre Gasly’ became a meme. The ‘liked by pedro gaseoso’ came from the fact that a Spanish newspaper got his name wrong when reporting the Formula One results!

This also became a meme in itself and is increasingly hilarious the more you see it!

Bea was quick off the mark, designing a t-shirt with ‘Liked by pedro gaseoso ’ embroidered onto it! I don’t think I’ve clicked ‘buy’ quicker on Formula One adjacent merch! Highly recommended for the Pierre Gasly fan in your life this festive season!

This retails for £31.82 and delivers worldwide.

Furious Motorsport

These are perfect if you’re a fan of the baseball jersey design but have a love for Formula One. Furious Motorsport combine this beautifully by creating merchandise that every Formula One fan will want to be seen in!

Furious Motorsport say it’s time to switch lanes and break away from the old standards of motorsport gear. Support your favourite team and driver with a jersey that’s sure to spark a conversation wherever you go.

I found Furious Motorsport on Instagram and despite the fact they’re USA based, had to grab a Hamilton Away Jersey in Black which features a black colour base, green accents, sleeve patches and Hamilton #44 on the back.

All jerseys are 100% polyester, with a rounded hem, a button front closure, moisture-wicking fabric for a lightweight, breathable feel, premium polyester knit, is machine washable on a gentle wash and can be tumble dried, but a hand dry is preferable.

All teams are available so you can definitely find the perfect present for the Formula One fan this festive season. Jerseys vary in price, this Hamilton one retails for $80.

Each Furious Motorsport jersey is custom made specifically for your order and therefore production time averages 6-8 days. All US orders include free express shipping which averages 4-5 days. They expect roughly 10-14 days to deliver each custom order to your door!

International Shipping is by DHL and (to the UK) costs an extra $9.99.

So there we have it! A few shops for you to peruse at your leisure whilst searching for the perfect gift for the Formula One fan in your life this festive season!

I have to say that ever since I downloaded TikTok I’ve found not only more fellow Formula One ladies to follow, I’ve become aware of fan made, Formula One adjacent merchandise which is actually good quality and of course, reasonably priced!

Do I blame them for draining my bank account and making me lust after everything even remotely Formula One related??!

Maybe, maybe not but now I have found them, I’m sharing them with you so you too aren’t left wandering around in the paddock wondering how to get your mitts on the latest Daniel Ricciardo merch drop without spending an absolute fortune!

I’m sure any Formula One fan would be absolutely delighted to find any of this merchandise under their tree this festive season. I do have a few other shops which sell Formula One adjacent merchandise, so perhaps I’ll be back with a Part 2!

Where do you find Formula One merchandise? Have you ever bought anything from the teams or do you struggle to find affordable merchandise too? Let me know!

Love, Sarah


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