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Gifts For Vegans This Festive Season

Buying gifts for vegans can be tricky as I’ll admit it does take a while to check that the item you’re wanting to purchase ticks all the criteria for the vegan in your life.

But I assure you, there are plenty of products available for everyone in your life, not just the one who happens to follow a more plant-based diet.

I have a couple of small businesses here for you today which I love to highlight here on SunshineSarahxo.

It always makes me happy to support them, especially because, in my experience, they’re more likely to have vegan options or be totally vegan/plant-based.

So if you’re after a box of something wonderful this festive season, then read on!

Beauty Kin

Beauty Kin are on a mission to turn bath and shower time into an experience for every body.

Born out of a frustration a not being able to find a plastic free product that cleansed, nourished AND provided a solution to skin issues, they created bars packed with active ingredients, to leave skin happy and healthy.

Each bar is tailored to provide a specific solution and unlike soap, won’t dry out your skin.

All their ingredients are chosen to be target specific skin issues, their packaging is fully recyclable and completely plastic free, are Vegan Society accredited, RSPO certified and Cruelty Free.

Their bars use 70% less water to manufacture than gels and liquid soaps and all bars are created and manufactured in the UK.

Hydrating Body Bar – with Squalane, Tomato Seed Oil & Bergamot

Perfect if you have dry patches on knees and elbows, need to rehydrate your neck and décolletage, your skin simply feels like it needs a drink or you have older/more mature skin.

An everyday body bar to actively hydrate your skin and keep it supple. Bergamot peel provides a unique scent which is the perfect pick-me-up for your body.

Squalane is an excellent emollient and skin hydrator, Tomato Seed Oil calms redness and helps to minimise pores, Bergamot peel brings a spicy floral scent.

How to use: Wet the bar to create a thick luxurious foam and lather over your body. Can be used on the face.

Shaving Bar – with Squalane, Lavender and Musk

Shaving can be harsh on skin, but not with this bar! It provides a revitalising shaving experience for everyone by actively hydrating and soothing your skin in the process.

This bar is perfect if you suffer with razor rash, your skin is a bit sensitive, you want to avoid razor bumps and you want to reduce inflammation post shave.

Coconut provides smooth glide, Squalane hydrates and moisturises, Lavender calms and reduces inflammation and Musk provides a rich deep smell.

How to use: Use the bar with water to create a rich lather. Lather up where you’d like to shave and go for it!

Eliza and Ted Gift Boxes

Eliza and Ted was first thought of in 2017 but it was during lockdown 2020 when it launched properly. It’s run by Becky from her home in Kent and she offers unique, quality gifts for friends that were nicely presented, including a free gift note and which were posted quickly!

Becky wants to make gifting easy, quick and personal. She works with some of the UK’s best small businesses and has carefully selected some lovely local products – from soaps made in Wiltshire, to chocolates made in Norfolk, to notebooks made in Yorkshire to include in their gift boxes.

Becky is also passionate about doing her but to save the planet and she has worked hard to find eco-friendly presents and gifts, with recyclable or compostable packaging. So you rest assured that this present does good all year round.

The box I was given gives an idea of what is available, so I’ll share a couple of the boxes available on the website for your delight and delectation!

Vegan Christmas Box

This gorgeous Vegan Christmas Gift Box contains box contains sweet treats, cosy socks to keep your feet warm and the most delicious hot chocolate to enjoy whilst watching a Christmas film!

This box contains:

Popcorn Shed Gourmet Popcorn

Cosy Chocolate Co Hot Chocolate Flakes

Cosy Christmas Socks

A personal gift message

The Calm Christmas Box

A Christmas self-care gift box, full of relaxing smells, sweet treats and drinks. This box contains:

Love Cocoa Christmas Pudding Chocolate Bar

Teapigs Spiced Pear Tea

Salt and Stream strip rosemary, tea tree and peppermint body scrub

Flora and Wick Christmas Spice soy candle

Wild Rising orange + lemon lip balm

A personal gift message

I absolutely love these gift boxes from Eliza and Ted, they’re beautiful and I believe that anyone receiving one would also love them too. There are more to choose from on the website obviously so you can really hone in and find one which best suits the recipient.

You can even put a box together yourself and choose which products go into the box so it’s even more special and personal for that special someone in your life.

Almost as good as putting it together yourself but with the added benefit of choosing a small business which also makes charity donations with every purchase. Win win!

So there you have it, a couple of gorgeous small businesses to make your Christmas shopping that little bit easier this year!

Love Sarah


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