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First Timer's View Of Gossip Girl!

Gossip Girl Netflix

So I've just finished watching 'Gossip Girl' on Netflix for the first time and wow, what a wild ride that was! I always said that I would never watch it because everybody else had and I didn't want to be a sheep and just follow the herd, but looking at my Netflix watched history it would seem that I DO watch what everyone else is talking about!

So it was with this in mind and also, you know LOCKDOWN, that I finally decided to bite the bullet and just binge it all seeing as I had nothing better to do! I started it on 23rd March, after helping to shut down the restaurant where I worked and I've just finished it, 6th April, exactly two weeks later!

I make Netflix seasons disappear, what's your superpower?! One of my managers at work is always surprised when I tell her I've already finished that series or TV programme she told me watch only a week or so ago!

Now that I've come to the end of what was arguably one of the biggest shows on American Television, I thought I'd do what I do best and write about it!

My Thoughts On Gossip Girl - A First Timer's View

Blair, Serena and Nate, Gossip Girl, Netflix

OK so I've had so many thoughts since I begun watching it I only hope I can remember them all.

First up I have to say that I absolutely loved it and each of the characters were special in their own ways. The actors played their parts brilliantly over 6 years, growing into them and maturing alongside their on screen characters.

My favourite characters were constantly changing as I made my way through the seasons, sometimes it was Serena, then it was Blair, then I really liked how the whole Ivy/Charlie situation was playing out, I liked Lilly at the beginning but by the end I really really disliked her.

Same for Dan, or 'Lost Boy' as he was dubbed by GG. He was the loner, the outcast trying to break into the Upper East Side's elite circles, which at time seemed like he'd never be able to penetrate and would forever be on the outside looking in. Never being lucky enough to get the girl at the end of the story.

By Season 4 he'd really begun to change and I wasn't happy with him at all! As soon as his book 'Inside' was published it really seemed (to me at least), that he didn't care if it hurt anyone and by Season 5 he'd become someone I really didn't like. I couldn't decide whether to trust him or not and thought his relationship with Serena was only for research for his new book.

Serena and Blair, Gossip Girl, Netflix

I was kind of upset by this because at the beginning, he was the one who I'd been rooting for. I so wanted him to get with Serena, but the way he treated her was just too much. As much as I disliked the Upper East Side, I really liked Serena and felt she didn't deserve any of the nastiness directed towards her by Dan.

I also started to dislike Rufus which is surprising because the Humphrey's were my favourite family, being on the outside of the Upper East Side and seemingly 'normal'. I believe he changed for the worse when he married and then ultimately divorced Lilly.

He just became more bitter and seemingly resentful to her whole world, which makes it less surprising when he couples up with Ivy!

I do absolutely love Blair and Chuck though, from the very first episode I knew they were destined to be together. It just wouldn't be GG without Blair and Chuck being a couple, despite whatever stupid rule they'd put in place.

The thing I can't believe though, is it doesn't matter what situation or deal they've struck to buy back a hotel or sleep with Lonely Boy's sister, Jenny; they will always be drawn back to each other and this in itself seems toxic and would probably be a good case for any relationship counsellor or psychology paper!

At about Season 4 I began to get a bit bored of it, I wasn't sure if I would continue with it because to me it just seemed to be all about chasing boys around New York and trying to persuade them to be their boyfriends?! I mean, come on, there's more to life! I did finish it, (obviously!) but yeah there's a lot of that.

Blair and Serena Gossip Girl, Netflix

At times it's the kids which are causing trouble, making plans and being devious but occasionally it's the adults which just makes you wonder where the kids get it from! In fact, at times they're way more devious and cunning.

I liked Lilly in the beginning, but by the end I really didn't! She was so up herself and snooty towards Rufus that I just couldn't empathise with her anymore and for someone whose husband literally came back from the dead, Lilly seemingly just greeted him and was like 'OK Rufus, let's get a divorce so I can get my life back with Bart'. This made me hate her and she became my least favourite character in the whole show.

A relationship I really liked all the way through, was the one that Nate had with his Dad, Howard. Despite a few bumps in the road, they were always there for each other and helping the other out if they needed it.

It seemed really genuine and at the end when Howard came through for Nate by getting him out of jail, it seemed that whatever went wrong for either of them they'd always be there for each other and it was really lovely to see. Especially when a lot of the others had parents which were absent or just plain awful to them. (read Chuck's relationship with his Dad, Bart)

Overall, I really loved Gossip Girl and I'm so pleased I binge watched it all. Apparently, there's going to be a re-boot 11 years after it first started and I'm so here for this! It would be great to see all the characters back together and more grown up, I just hope that they've come to their senses and realised there's more to life than chasing boys around New York!

Have you watched Gossip Girl? What did you think of it? Whose you're favourite?



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