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AD Why Letterbox Gift Sets Are The Perfect Gift

Man browsing in a quaint gift shop containing candles and plants

AD - This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

At this time more than any other, sending and equally receiving gifts through the post has become a highlight of everybody’s lockdown life.

Prior to this, you may not have even thought about putting together a homemade letterbox gift for your friends and family, but the pandemic did funny things to us and personalised gifts have become a way of keeping in touch.

They could contain anything from their favourite drinks, foods they like, facemasks/bath bombs for them to have some time out, to a copy of their favourite film.

You know them best and it needn’t cost a lot of money to send it out either.

You could even bake some of their favourite cakes/brownies to put in the letterbox gift set too.

But perhaps you’re looking to send something which is more relevant, perhaps for a birthday, a high day or national holiday perhaps.

Sometimes this can make sending out a letterbox gift easier because you have a reason to put the gift set together.

Here I’ll give you a few ideas of items you could put together for that special someone’s surprise letterbox gift.

Letterbox Gift Sets


If you’re sending a letterbox gift for a friend or family member’s birthday, you could make it all the more special by including some happy birthday clipart which you’ve perhaps printed out and made into a birthday card or perhaps a banner for them to hang up on their special day.

It can be tricky trying to decide what to send someone for yet another lockdown birthday, but with a little thought and care you can make it personalised to them.

For example, I’ve recently put together such a box as a birthday gift for my work wife and filled it with everything I know she loves I knew it would make her smile when she opened it, which in turn would make me happy too!

In her birthday letterbox gifts in the past I have placed:

  • 2 bars of her favourite chocolate bar

  • 2 nail files

  • 1 bag of almonds

  • 1 tube of hand cream

  • 2 mini bottles of wine

  • 1 bag of her favourite chocolates

  • 1 bag of ground coffee

  • A gift card for her favourite coffee shop

So you can see how I’ve switched it up in the past to ensure that it was different each time, but still contained items which reminded me of her.

Box wrapped up with pink ribbon and a label on that says Winter

High Days & Holidays

You can also put together a letterbox gift set for a celebration other than a birthday, say for St Patrick’s Day.

For this you could add in some St Patrick's Day clipart which your friends/family could use to decorate their house with for this yearly celebration.

Becoming creative, like becoming a plant mum, has really taken off during lockdown, so putting together a letterbox gift set with homemade bunting may be something you’re looking to do.

Partly to fill the time and partly to add some decoration to your friends and families homes.

Not only does it add to the whole ambience of a holiday but making something from the heart can really put meaning behind a holiday, which is celebrated by many thousands of people across the world.

For other ideas of gifts to send in a high day and holiday themed letterbox gift set:

  • Irish flag coloured confetti

  • Green/Orange/White coloured food and drinks

  • A bottle of Irish Cream (if appropriate)

  • A can of Guinness (again if appropriate)

  • Pictures of Irish leprechauns

  • The St Patrick’s Day Clipart bunting

  • Irish themed cakes and cookies

  • Green/Orange/White flowers

  • Irish themed fridge magnets

  • Postcards from/or about Ireland

  • Any photos you may have if you’ve holidayed there

Dough rolled out and cut into four leaf clover shapes for St Patricks Day

So you see, there are really no limits as to what you can put inside a letterbox gift set for your friends and family.

It’s still a really easy, thoughtful gift to send if you’re still unable to visit in person.

Personally I love getting gifts like this through the post from my friends. It makes me smile that they’re thinking of me and put the effort into putting together a letterbox gift set for me.

Design Bundles definitely have everything you need to help you add that personal touch with their Happy Birthday and St Patrick’s Day clip art sets.

Tell me, would you consider sending someone special a letterbox gift set in the post? I'd love to know your thoughts!

Love, Sarah xoxo

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