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How To Choose A Career You’ll Love

A career is something that makes up a lot of your time here on earth. For most, it’s more time spent working than actually living a personal life.

While not everyone is dedicated to working such long hours or investing so much time in work, there are those who love to work and who do so because they love their job that much.

If you’re someone looking for a job that you can fall in love with, then here are some tips to choose a career you’ll love.

Take stock of your current skillset

Be aware of what your current skill set and experience looks like. Chances are, there may be career paths that you’re not yet qualified in or you’re not the type of person to take on that career.

Everyone is destined to do some sort of role.

Whether yours is in home care jobs or working towards a CEO role in a big executive company, choosing the right one is often dependent on both the personal and professional qualities you have.

Consider what skillset you have currently and what this will get you when it comes to existing career path opportunities.

Find ways to build experience

To help with getting yourself closer to a job offer, make sure to find ways to build experience. There are certainly jobs out there that require a lot of experience that you might not currently have.

However, if you’re still wanting to get into a career in particular, then you’ll want to find ways to build that experience.

Whether it’s paid experience or unpaid experience, it’s all out there and available if you look for it.

Recognise areas in life that bring you joy

There are those areas in life that may already bring your joy and could be a strong indicator of what you should be doing in life.

Do you love looking after your dogs? Maybe a career in veterinary care or within a dog shelter is a good option.

Enjoy writing short stories? Maybe working for a publishing house is your dream job!

Take a look at what brings you joy and happiness in life because it might just be what you’re destined to do in your new career.

Assess your needs for flexibility

Consider the flexibility you’ll need when it comes to the job in question.

Some jobs are more demanding than others and some are more restrictive than others when it comes to working hours and flexibility around home life or kids.

With the pandemic happening, there’s been a huge shift toward remote working, which may be optional for you depending on the career you've chosen.

Build a network and interact with those in the career you want

Finally, in order to get yourself into the room for an interview, make sure you’re connecting with the right people.

Build a network of support and interact with those who are in the career you want to get advice from them.

Choosing a career you’ll love is a reality that can come true, so use these tips to find it!

Do you have any tips to choose a career you'll love? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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