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Things To Do Once Lockdown Ends

Who’d have thought that this time last year we’d still be in the midst of national lockdown & the coronavirus pandemic.

This third lockdown seems to have hit people much harder than the previous two & I think it’s down to the sheer belief that we’re enduring this way of life again.

With that in mind & to try and put a positive spin on the situation, I’m keeping things 100% positive here on Sarah’s blog, because that’s exactly what we’re both all about! I’ve composed a list of 5 things I’ll be doing with my family once lockdown is over.

I’m on countdown now! We’re road-mapped to get out of lockdown in the coming months & although I’m a little sceptical, I’m also really excited.

My wishlist of family activities are growing by the week, however today I’m going to be sharing just five.

An empty road against a mountainous backdrop and a grey sky

5 Things I’ll be doing with my family once lockdown is over

1 Exploring the UK with the National Trust

For Christmas we were kindly gifted a year long National Trust pass from my parents and although the majority of sites are still open during lockdown, it’s not appropriate for us to be travelling up and down the Country having family days out.

It’s really unfortunate that we haven’t yet been able to get the use out of our National Trust passes because if we weren’t in lockdown I know for sure we’d be ticking places off the list already.

I’m all for exploring the UK, in fact I feel like as soon as the lockdown rules are lifted we’ll be using our passes quicker than a sprinter leaves the blocks.

We really enjoy exploring and discovering new places as a family & I’d love it if we could visit a different site every weekend, even though my packed lunch ideas may get a little repetitive. But hey, who doesn’t love cheese sandwiches?!

2. Go out for family meals

Never have I ever missed going out for a meal before! We’re not a boujee family, going out for something to eat isn’t something we do very often, but boy do we miss it now we don’t have the luxury of going anywhere.

Between lockdowns our restaurants have only been open for takeaway service so it feels like we’ve been missing out on the luxury for such a long time.

This is obviously very much a first world problem, but I’d love to take my family out for some pub grub as soon as everything reopens. I can literally smell triple cooked chips!

3. Have a huge family meet up

Like many families we’ve missed out on celebrating so many different occasions during lockdown. All three of us in our house have celebrated birthdays and we’ve missed out on family weddings and various anniversaries since we were first told to stay at home.

I think it’s only fair to have a huge family celebration once lockdown is over.

I know I said I wasn’t bougie, but heck, I think we need to make the next family meet up one to remember! I’m thinking venue hire, balloons, a buffet, I might even plan multiple outfits. Sounds like I’m planning a second wedding doesn’t it?

4. Take my family abroad on holiday

We’ve not yet been able to take our daughter abroad & to be honest now the timing’s all quite wrong. I’ve recently revealed that I’m pregnant & that my daughter is going to be a big sister, which is so, so exciting.

Although I think by the time we’re actually allowed to fly again, I’ll be too pregnant to get on a plane. Woe is me right?

That being said, when we are next able to take our family abroad it’s going to be an amazing holiday, with DisneyLand Paris being our number one destination.

Pre-baby we were never massively into Disney but post-baby it’s a whole other ball game, in fact I’m not sure if we watch Frozen on a bi-weekly basis for us or for her.

I do know however that the day we step foot into Disneyland Paris & our daughter sees the cast members walking around as if it was the norm, she’ll be living her best life & so will we seeing her eyes light up.

5. Go camping

Now this is a holiday my pregnant ass can get on board with!

As a couple we’ve not been camping for a long time now, however once our daughter arrived we always said it was something we’d like to get back into.

I used to go on yearly family camping holidays with my parents and sister & it’s something I’d like to pass down to my own family as I have the fondest memories of back then.

I love the slower pace that comes with camping and that there’s zero pressure to do anything with your days, however what I’m smitten most by is the idea of us all sharing a big double sleeping bag and getting all cosy under the stars. To me that is bliss!

So there’s just five things I’ll be doing with my family once lockdown is over. I’ve certainly learnt a lot about myself and have learnt a lot during lockdown as a parent and I don’t know about you, but the day lockdown is lifted will be a day that is celebrated!… Probably with a glass of fizz and a takeaway while we sit down at the laptop to plan our next adventure.

I do hope you’re keeping safe! Let me know in the comments one thing that you’ll be doing with your family once lockdown is over.

This post was written by Claire. Find out more about her below:

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