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5 Things To Look Forward to This Spring

I am lucky that living in Harrogate means that there is always plenty to see and do, but with Spring coming I definitely want to shake off the cobwebs and try some new things.

I’m guessing I’m not alone in counting down the days to the better weather, so here are 5 things to look forward to this Spring.

Easter Activities

The 4 day bank holiday over Easter means that there is plenty of opportunity for getting together with loved ones and having some fun, family time.

Whether you’re going on an Easter egg hunt, planning a nice Easter dinner or simply sitting in front of the TV eating Easter eggs, it is most definitely a time of year worth looking forward to.

Picnics With Friends

Without a doubt, one of the best things about Spring is the warmer weather and the opportunity to get outside without wearing 181 layers of clothing.

The great thing is that activities at this time of year (or any time of year) don’t have to cost a fortune – and a picnic with friends, while you sit on the warm grass and eat nice sandwiches, is an absolute delight!

Being a Tourist in Your Own Town

I am lucky that Harrogate often has different pop-up events and activities to do, so exploring the town is easy. Lots of us are guilty of not doing enough in our home town, especially if we've grown up there, which means that we could be missing out.

Once the better weather is here, checking out local events and seeing what you can do nearby is a great idea. Not only does it mean you have minimal travel costs, but it also means minimal travel time – and of course, the more people that support these events the more likely it is that events will be arranged in the future.

Longer Days and Lighter Evenings

One of the things about Winter is that the nights seem to draw in quickly and therefore daylight is gone before you have even noticed. Finishing work and leaving the office in the dark can be really depressing – and means that you just feel like going home to hibernate.

Spring means that days are longer and evenings are lighter which means that there is more opportunity to make the most of the day before it becomes dark and dinghy.

Ice Cream

I’m sure I am not alone in looking forward to ice-cold drinks in the sunshine, slush puppies and of course, ice cream! That’s not to say that these can’t be enjoyed in the Winter, but consuming these in Spring with the warm sun hitting your skin while on days out just hits differently.

The changing of seasons affects everyone differently and not everyone hates Winter, but there is most definitely something nice about the fresh feel of Spring and the way that a sunny day can just immediately lift your mood- and that is most certainly something I am looking forward to immensely!

I’d love to hear about the things you’re looking forward to this Spring!

Sarah xoxoxo

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