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How To Look After Yourself During Lockdown

So, we're living in really weird, almost apocalyptic times and it feels very 28 Days Later mixed with The Day After Tomorrow, with a bit of The Walking Dead mixed in for good measure!

The whole world has literally stopped, it all feels really uncertain, and all the mixed media reports don't help matters, well they certainly don't for me anyway.

I haven't been checking the news because, frankly, it doesn't help. Despite the fact I want to know exactly when this whole thing will be over so I can get back to work and my normal life - which, unsurprisingly, isn't all that dissimilar to what all this lockdown/social distancing malarkey we're all going through at the moment!

But the thing is, it feels like our freedom has been taken away from us and not being allowed to go outside doesn't do any good for my mental health.

How I'm Looking After Myself

Well I'm watching a lot of Netflix shows - again not overly dissimilar to my normal life - but doing nothing else OTHER than watching Netflix is what's different here.

Having our basic freedom taken away from us and our outside time severely restricted isn't good for me, or anyone else for that matter.

Not being able to see friends like I usually do, go shopping, swimming, meet up with my work wife to go dog walking, or just have the option to at any time is what I miss most during lockdown.

I'm trying to look after myself by connecting with friends over social media, Instagram and Whatsapp being the main two I'm using at the moment. I've given up on Twitter because there's too much misinformation and hate about how awful the British public can be at a time like this, I just can't deal with it.

I've logged out of it completely and am only checking in once a week or so to share my latest blog post and check my notifications.

Managing Life At A Distance

I've also been baking recently again, now that I've stocked up on a few essentials like vegan Flora and Stork. So far, I've made Pineapple Muffins, Lemon Loaf and a Lemon Drizzle Cake! So yeah, lots of lemons! Got to have a steady supply of goodies now we're in lockdown!

I always used to bake when I was bored before so I guess I'm just taking it up again now as a distraction and getting something delicious at the end of it!

I just need to expand my repertoire and try different things. I have a lot of dried fruit and porridge oats so I'm looking for recipes which use both of those - perhaps more muffins or flapjacks?!

I've been taking more baths too - something which I also love to do to relax and unwind on a normal day anyway but with no plans to go anywhere or do anything, I may as well go in the bath!

I have lots of bubble bath, bath bombs, bath oils, to play around with and make bath time even more indulgent so I'm making the most of it and enjoying every second!

One thing I haven't done more of since lockdown began is reading. I naively believed that with all this time off I would finally be able to get stuck into my TBR but I guess my Netflix addiction has taken over!

I really do want to get stuck in, so I guess I'll have to switch off Gossip Girl and stick my nose in a book for a while instead!

Things To Do During Quarantine

I hope you're managing to make the most of having to stay home but I thought I would put together a little list of things to do to which I hope help you out and make you feel better:

Write a list - this could help you manage all the thoughts whirring around your brain, I know it always helps me.

Get Outside - at the moment we're still allowed to go out to exercise so it is very important to do so. I went out for a walk the other day and it was glorious, to feel the cold wind on my face and stretch my legs was just what I needed.

So, if you can, get outside and take in all the vitamin D you can.

Connect With Friends - I'm finding this part particularly difficult as I'm used to seeing my friends all the time - mostly at work. So not being able to see them is hard.

But I've found Whatsapp to be an amazing source for this. Just messaging them all with a basic 'how are you doing?' can work wonders for lifting my spirits and not feeling so alone!

Try Your Hand At A New Skill - or pick up an old one. This is the perfect time to get back in the kitchen, get out in the garden or pick up a pair of knitting needles, a crochet hook, a colouring book, or a paint brush!

I'm sure there's something out there to help keep your mind occupied, for me it's been baking, blogging and colouring in!

Start A New Series On Netflix - This is what I've been doing (here's what to watch during isolation!) I swore I'd never watch Gossip Girl but here I am four seasons in, and I'm totally addicted!

I may as well use this time wisely and watch some of the shows I wouldn't ever normally, so when this is all over I can get stuck into all the new shows coming out!

How I'm Coping

To be quite honest, I'm finding it all quite difficult. I find I can't read anything other than BBC news when I'm wanting to find out information about this horrible virus.

I've found that social media doesn't help me at all in this situation, all the misinformation and unsubstantiated claims about when we'll be out of lockdown and social distancing just doesn't sit well with me.

If I want information about coronavirus, I'll search out the news and the scientists who are actually working at the front line.

They're much more likely to have the real answers that I'm looking for and even though it might be scary, at least I can rest assured that I'm getting all the correct information when I'm doing my research.

I've also given up Twitter through this because I just found my whole feed was filled with corona virus talk all day every day and I just couldn't cope with it. Taking myself out of that situation has done wonders for me and I now only check it once a week.

The same with Whatsapp, I was in a group with over 90 other ladies. Supposedly it was meant to be positive chat, lifting each other up and taking our minds off of our current situation, but I just found my mind couldn't take it.

There was too much CV talk and not the positive chat I had hoped, so I left.

I've found I'm on my phone less as a result of all this, which can only be a good thing! Not that I've replaced that with anything particularly useful, it's just my screen time which has dropped. Let me know if you've found the same and what you're replacing your screen time with!

So, in conclusion, I hope this post has given you a few ideas of things to do during lockdown or at the very least, comforted you with the knowledge that you're not alone.

We're living in uncertain times but please know that we're all in this together and we will get through it. Sending love to each and every one of you. Sarah xoxo

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