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Looking After Myself As A Vegan Runner This Autumn

As you know by now, I’ve been vegan for 3 years and as a consequence, at some points I’ve had to take iron supplements and also be more aware of the food I’m eating to ensure I get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients I need.

Although with a plant based/vegan diet, this can be difficult because you’re cutting out the food which would normally give you all of these.

Lately though, I’ve been taking some new supplements from RINGANA which have actually had an almost immediate effect when I started taking them. I’d noticed I was feeling lethargic, tired, with no energy for a while and didn’t really know what was wrong, other than presuming my iron levels were low again!

I’d started taking a vegan based A-Z supplement which helped, but I was still feeling like something was missing.

So when RINGANA got in touch with me, I jumped at the chance to try out some of their vegan supplements – especially their Omega ones because this was one nutrient which I was struggling to find a suitable replacement for as it is usually found in oily fish, which as a vegan I obviously don’t eat!

Looking back now, almost two weeks later, I can quite confidently say that it was this nutrient that I was missing the most.


RINGANA is made up of three values: fresh, excellent and trend-setting. They know how to use the most powerful essences the plant world has to offer.

Their RINGANA fresh concept enables the use of highly perishable, secondary plant substances. That is why their products contain no artificial preservatives or genetically modified raw materials.

Their approach is not only resource-conserving and sustainable, but it is also fair to all of their partners.

The result of getting a little better and more innovative everyday is pure fresh skincare and supplements that you can use with a clear conscience.

All products are handmade in Austria to ensure top quality, sustainable products with the best standards in the market.

But they do ship to over 34 countries in Europe so never fear, your RINGANA supplement supply is never far away!

Beyond Omega

Beyond Omega’s revolutionary formulation delivers Omega-3 fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins and secondary plant substances of the highest quality. The vegan capsules are the ultimate daily companion for a healthy lifestyle.

The latest nutrition reports show that, because of modern eating habits, crucial deficiencies of the nutrients Omega 3 fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins and secondary plant substances are evident across all age groups.

The revolutionary formulation of BEYOND omega delivers these essential nutrients in the highest quality.

Like I said before, Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the more tricky nutrients to find a suitable replacement for and this deficiency was definitely contributing to the way I was feeling.

As soon as I started on these supplements, I felt instantly better. Like my reserves had been topped up after being depleted for so long!

Of course, now I face the problem of what to do when I finish them as I definitely need to be on some sort of Omega-3 supplement on the regular!

This supplement is €88.40

Immunity Capsules

Modern daily life often presents our immune defences with a challenge. Professional and private pressures, an unbalanced diet or a stressful lifestyle can all weaken the immune system that protects our health.

CAPS immu combine different herbal mushrooms with natural micronutrients that give the body’s own immune system a helping hand, particularly when it’s under a lot of pressure.

In Chinese medicine, mushrooms are seen as the elixir of life, and RINGANA uses an alpha-glucan rich shiitake concentrate whose effects have been demonstrated in numerous human clinical trials.

Reishi mushroom promotes the body’s own immune activity and supports our natural defences. Vitamin C from acerola fruit juice powder and Vitamin D from mushrooms promotes immune system function.

This supplement is €52.10

My Review of the RINGANA Vegan Supplements

Up until I actually started taking my supplements, I wasn’t in a good place and I was considering going to the doctors because of how bad I was feeling.

Like I said, I was lethargic, tired, low mood and on top of that, I wasn’t sleeping well either- which definitely didn't help!

Like when I first started taking my iron tablets in the very beginning of my journey to going vegan. (I gave up meat two years before I eventually went totally vegan).

It’s just something I have to keep an eye on day to day and take the right supplements/tablets if I feel that I need to or if my blood test results deem it so.

I also need to look after my immune system as a runner. Being outside all year round can take its toll on my body, especially in the Winter when the temperature plummets and cold & flu season is ramping up!

So these Immu Caps are vital to helping me look after myself a bit better and hopefully preventing me from catching a cold and stopping me from getting outside for a good run, which I really enjoy – both for my physical and mental health.

Something I found quite funny was the fact that the Immu Caps are made from mushrooms – which is a vegetable I find disgusting and don’t eat!! Yet I’m willing to take a supplement that is almost entirely made up from them!! I guess that’s the only way I’ll ever actually eat one!

Sometimes blog collaborations come at just the right time and this one absolutely did. I knew I needed to do something about how I was feeling and that extra supplementation was probably the way I needed to go, but it’s finding the right kind of supplement which can prove tricky.

There are so many on the market these days and it can be overwhelming to find one which is vegan AND which provides everything I’m looking for. I want the supplements I’m taking to be well-sourced, natural, vegan and that deliver targeted nutrient rich formulas directly where they’re needed most.

I genuinely believe that, because all of these supplements are handmade and natural, they work better, faster and leave you feeling better quicker than some other brands available.

I can attest to this by the very fact that the day before I started taking them I was feeling awful and the day after I took them it was like a light had been switched on because I legitimately started feeling so much better. As I continued taking them, I just continued to feel better and better.

I knew something was wrong with me, I knew I needed extra supplementation and RINGANA knew I needed their Supplements.

I can highly, highly recommend them if you too are looking for extra supplementation this Winter. Either as a vegan, or a runner, or perhaps both!

Thanks again to RINGANA for supplying me with these powerhouses, they’ve really helped. Fortunately for you, I’ll be back when my supply runs out!

You can check out RINGANA’s website for all relevant information about these supplements and everything else they have available.

Love, Sarah


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