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AD Loungewear And Lockdown

Sarah sitting on her bed reading a book she is wearing a neutral loungewear set

I'm not going to lie to you, ever since I received this neutral loungewear set, I haven't taken it off. I've genuinely been living in it as it's so cosy and with the weather being freezing (cheers storm Christophe!), finding comfy, cosy clothes which also look good, has been essential.

Lockdown Life

In this lockdown, I have actually been fully furloughed from work, just as everyone was in March last year, (how are we still here, how?!) therefore I've been spending more and more time inside, on the couch watching Netflix!

I have actually worn this set out of the house (shock!) when I went to the dentist, as the joggers are actually fleece lined inside so they kept me very warm!

The jumper too fits well and is cosy, I love the side splits too, they make it very easy to access the pockets (!!!) on the joggers too.

I've previously worked with Femme Luxe and this time I have to say how impressed I am with the sizing of these loungewear pieces. The last couple of sets I had were definitely on the smaller end of a size 14, whereas these joggers are a much better fit and are very comfortable to lounge around in!

The jumper is ribbed, with slightly cuffed wrists and two side splits. It's very comfortable also and goes really well with my new dungarees too! Always good to have multi use items in our wardrobes these days!

Loungewear chic

We're all wanting to make our loungewear sets a little bit more chic this year, to make them do double duty and take us from the couch to the supermarket, without too much re-dressing involved.

If you style your loungewear items correctly, there's no reason why you can't wear them outdoors, it's just a matter of the correct styling. Like I said previously, the cream jumper can go with pretty much anything in my existing wardrobe, although as I write this there's not really much else I'm wearing because I'm barely leaving the house!

The fact these joggers are a neutral colour definitely helps with the styling aspect. Try rolling up the cuffs a bit, throwing your favourite blazer over the top ensuring that the jumper sleeves can be seen - try using a hairband to keep the sleeves up. Throw on a statement scarf and a bag and voila! (Massive thanks to Leah from @devotedtopink for these tips!)

Or you could just do a me and throw on your favourite (fake) leather jacket from Primark, a pair of trainers and my favourite scarf! Whichever floats your boat really! At the end of the day though, does it really matter what you wear, either inside/outside the house? We've been spending the majority of the last year inside, I'm sure everyone can forgive you for not having the mental energy to make yet another decision!

Sarah taking a photo of herself in the mirror she is wearing a lace bodysuit and neutral lounge pants

Loungewear For Life

Without getting into it too much, it doesn't seem like we're going to be out of this latest lockdown anytime soon, so is it any wonder that sales of loungewear have spiked by up to 1,303%? (according to John Lewis) I can't imagine anything worse than being comfortable wearing jeans? I mean, more power to you if this is you, but honestly? I'd rather be in cosy loungewear, with nothing digging in or putting pressure on my stomach.

Occasionally I like to jazz up my loungewear by wearing a t-shirt from vast collection, it doesn't much matter what's written on it, it's just a change and can make me feel slightly more dressed up; especially if it's Wednesday which is food shop day and I actually have to look like a respectable human!

It's easy to get into a routine of wearing the same items of clothing everyday, and I'm very like this because as soon as I get something new I want to wear it all the time and never take it off! Hence why creating Instagram content at home can be quite difficult because I don't know what to shoot! Nobody really wants to see me in the same outfit I wore in my last 3 posts, but if that's my reality right now (just like so many of us!), then surely that's reflecting real life? Who knows anymore!

Sadly I'm not one of those people (at the moment anyway!) who gets up and dressed everyday, like it's just too much effort if all I'm doing is sitting at home, staying safe and protecting the NHS! Although I do like to make the effort when I'm going to Waitrose, I can't seem to muster up that same energy whilst staying at home? Like, who is going to see me apart from the postman! But perhaps that's just a sign of the times, or the state of my mental health! Either way, it's going to be a very sad day when I have to swap out my comfy loungewear for my work uniform!

Sarah taking a picture in the mirror she is wearing the neutral loungewear set

Final Thoughts

As I sit here writing this post, wearing the exact outfit from the photo above, I can't help but wonder, will I ever wear normal clothes again!?

Sarah xoxoxo

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