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Meet My December Advertisers

Wow, I can't believe we're already into December! Time flies! Soon we'll be into a brand-new year, and I can't wait to see what 2023 brings for everyone.

I love this time of the year- and I've already started to publish a few festive blog posts this year. I've written about gifts for vegans, book lovers and Formula 1 fans. It was so much fun to give all of my readers a few gift ideas for their friends and family!

Last month, I also wrote a lot of posts about veganism, including a beginner's guide to vegan swaps for World Vegan Day and how I stay healthy as a vegan runner.

I got the chance to work with a few fantastic brands, including Murad skincare, RINGANA, Violife and Pimp My Salad.

I can't wait to tuck into some delicious Christmas nibbles soon, and I just love this festive time of the year.

This month, I'm featuring a few amazing bloggers on my site and social media channels- and I've included a few fantastic festive posts to check out, too.

Vegan Christmas Gifts

Emma at Vegan Christmas Gifts writes about all things vegan!

The blog aims to help online shoppers and like-minded people give more ethically at Christmas time- and so this is the perfect blog to check out at this time of the year.

The blog advertises a hand-picked selection of vegan-friendly products, including items Emma loves and that she's sure you (and your friends and family) will love too!

Christmas is coming up soon, so this is a fantastic website to check out when you're deciding on your gifts this year.

Check out a couple of Emma's recent articles to find out more:

Cycle of Good

Zoe runs a fantastic site called Cycle of Good! This organisation aims to help end poverty in one of the poorest communities in the world, over in Malawi.

Those at Cycle of Good make products from landfill, saving waste by re-purposing rubbish into useful, long-lasting items.

This organisation also gives back to the local Malawi community, employing 33 Malawian tailors to make these recycled goods.

Cycle of Good is such an important cause, as it helps the environment and poverty at the same time!

Check out a couple of Zoe's recent articles to find out more:

Do you have any blogger recommendations for this month? What is your favourite thing to come in December? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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