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Meet My June Advertiser

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Happy June!

This month, I'm back with a brand new blogger to check out over the Summer.

I've published lots of blog posts about the new season so far! I've written about unique holiday ideas for Summer and my running experiences in 2022 and 2023, as well as a post for International No Diet Day all about body positivity.

I also published a post about Chloe from Nyxie's Nook in May, taking a look behind the scenes at her fantastic blog.

sunglasses on a sandy beach, sea and blue sky in the background

In this blog post, read about my lovely June advertiser - a great travel blogger and supportive member of the blogging community.

If you'd like to book one of my blog advertising packages, get in touch! Email or check out my blog post for more information.

Meet My June Advertiser... Four Tickets to Anywhere

Four Tickets to Anywhere - the "A" is the Eiffel Tower and the background is a stamped passport and compass

Cristina from Four Tickets to Anywhere is a lovely travel blogger - and she writes about her experiences travelling around the world with her family.

On her blog, you can find sections from different members of the family - including posts about Cristina's solo experiences and their trips as a family of four.

Cristina also provides plenty of tips and ideas for frequent travellers, including gift ideas, travel quotes, the best places to stay and lots of ways to save money. She even interviews people who love to travel!

Check out a few recent blog posts from Cristina:

Deluxe Villas at Disney World, Are They Worth it? - Four Tickets To Anywhere

Paris, An Amazing Dream Vacation For Our Family! - Four Tickets To Anywhere

Have you read Critsina's blog? I'd love to hear your blogger recommendations for June!

Love, Sarah xoxo

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