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5 Mental Health Benefits of Animals

As a vegan, I love animals! I think they are a fantastic addition to our lives, and sometimes I would rather spend a day with animals than chatting to people!

They can offer us companionship when we need it most, and they are always there when we need them.

In the past, mental health organisations have spoken about the mental health benefits of animals.

From giving elderly people the companionship they need, to supporting veterans- it's no surprise that having a pet can have numerous positive effects on your mental health.

Even just thinking about cute animals brings a smile to my face!

In this post, I've come up with 5 mental health benefits of animals.

Whether you're thinking about your adorable pet dogs, or you love to visit your local park to feed the ducks, animals are fantastic for our mental health.

1. Companionship

Animals can provide us with an endless amount of companionship!

Pets give you something to come home to, especially if you live alone, or if you're an introvert who prefers the company of animals.

This companionship can stop us from feeling lonely or sad, and this is fantastic for people who suffer with mental health issues such as depression.

Just having a cuddle with your pet can make you feel happier, and you're never alone with an adorable pet in the house!

2. Gratitude

Looking after a pet can bring a real sense of gratitude to your life, especially when their grateful little face looks up at you. Usually it's because you've just filled their food bowl, but still!

If you can, adopting a pet from a rescue centre or charity is a fantastic thing to do, and it can bring a sense of meaning and gratitude to your life to give a scared or abandoned animal a home.

3. Calm us down

Animals are great at calming us down! This is fantastic for those who suffer with anxiety, or if you're feeling a bit stressed.

Just sitting with your pet for a couple of minutes can give you something else to focus on, and I bet there's a lot of animals out there that have heard all about their owner's problems.

It can be hard to talk to people sometimes, especially when your thoughts are all mixed up, so just being around an animal can be very calming.

4. A day out in nature

To me, there's nothing better than a relaxing day out in nature- and animals are a fantastic bonus to this.

You could visit your local duck pond or even go a little further afield to see some adorable Spring lambs or stroke some horses.

A day out in nature can sometimes be the best thing for your mental health. No work, no stresses, you don't even need to turn your phone on if you don't want to (although remember to be safe if you're walking by yourself!).

This can be a great way to get away from it all, and I recommend taking a walk in nature whenever you need a break.

There's just something about being around all that wildlife and greenery that makes you feel good!

5. So cute!

I just had to add this to the list. Animals are so great because they are so cute! Just looking at your dog or cat's face can make you feel happier, and the cuteness of animals should not be underestimated.

Even if you're not around an animal, just looking at pictures of animals online can bring a smile to your face, and boost your mood.

Tell me all the mental health benefits of your adorable pets in the comments.

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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