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AD Moomins On The Riviera With Truffle Shuffle

Sunshine Sarah hugging a giant Moomin

AD - Post in collaboration with Truffle Shuffle, products supplied for this post. All words, opinions and photos my own.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the Moomins, they were created by Finnish author, illustrator and artist Tove Jansson.

The first Moomin book to be published in English was Finn Family Moomintroll (original Swedish Title Trollkarlens hatt, ‘The Magician’s Hat’) which was the third in the series of Tove Jansson’s Moomins books.

Not only were they a series of books, but later on there was also a TV series which I remember watching and it was the cutest little series. I loved following the adventures of Moominpapa and Moominmama. I’m sure if you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember them too!

If you know me at all, or have seen me at events in real life (remember those?!) you may have seen my Moomin tattoo, which I got after university and I have to say it’s my most commented on tattoo! It’s very intricate and I absolutely love it.

So you could say I’m a very big fan of those Finnish characters.

I’ve previously written posts featuring t-shirts from Truffle Shuffle, so when they launched a Moomin collection, you can bet your bottom dollar I sad yes to this collaboration when the email landed in my inbox.

Not only do they have some very cool t-shirts and hoodies, there are also some very cool gifts and accessories for every occasion and person in your life. So now I can show off my Moomin love in my house too!

Moomins On The Riviera 500-piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Now, I’m not the best when it comes to doing jigsaws, that’s more my Mums domain but I’m willing to give it a go when there’s Moomins involved!

“Step into the magical world of the Moomins with this 500-piece puzzle inspired by Tove Jansson's beloved cast of characters.

Featuring artwork from Moomins on the Riviera which celebrated the original comic strips, it stars Moominmama and Moominpapa (and not forgetting Little My) in a charming scene.

Pretty enough to frame when compete, this would make a great gift for any fan of the much-loved Moomins.”

Moomins and Friends Tote Bag

The Moomins are having a party and you’re invited! You can even take the party out with you when you go shopping with this fab Moomin tote bag!

Made from 100% cotton, measures 37x42cm, shoulder straps measure 71cm approx, proudly manufactured in the UK and 100% official Moomin bag.

I love a good tote bag, I have far too many but I will continue to collect them and store them all neatly so I forget how many I have and therefore will continue to buy more! Any other tote bag lovers out there?

I love the fact that I can show my love for these wonderful characters whilst out and about makes me incredibly happy!

Mommins Welcome To Moominville T-Shirt

A must visit location for Moomin lovers, we love this tee which imagines what a tourist poster for the official home of the Finnish favourites might look like.

Look carefully and you’ll spot Moomintroll on his way home through the forest. A Moomin-marvellous design, this is a definite Truffle Shuffle favourite.

Because who wouldn’t want to escape to Moominvalley, live in peace, plant potatoes and dream?

Unisex lightweight t-shirt with a soft feel, made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, lightly distressed print. 100% official Moomins t-shirt.

By now you’ll all know that I love a slogan / nostalgic t-shirt that I can wear with my beloved MOM jeans and this one is no exception. I got this one really oversized so I could wear it at night or with my cycling shorts – this is something new I’ve been trying recently and I have to say I’m pretty much converted!

My Review

I’m already a big fan of Truffle Shuffle and their vast array of products which cover a wide variety of TV Shows and Movies and so it’s only natural that I would showcase my love for these gorgeous Finnish characters.

Also because they’re quite niche and not many people know about or remember the books or the TV show, so it always feels extra special whenever you find someone who shares your love for them.

I’m really looking forward to starting the jigsaw because, like I said I’m not really the jigsaw type so it’ll be interesting to see just how long I last with it before I get frustrated!

I can always ask my Mum for help though – it is here speciality after all! I’d like to complete it because I’d love to frame it and have it on my wall. A special piece of art which I can feel pride in because I completed it.

Truffle Shuffle is definitely the one stop shop for everything cool and retro.

I’ve definitely bookmarked a few items to go back to later, including a rather fabulous The Neverending Story t-shirt!

Let me know if you pick anything up for yourself!



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