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Mundane Self-Care - What Is It?

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Self-care refers to the practice of taking deliberate actions to maintain and improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

It involves engaging in activities and behaviours that promote self-nurturing, relaxation and overall health. Self-care is essential for managing stress, preventing burnout and maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life.

Self-care can mean different things to different people, for some it's all about facemasks, baths with candles and a glass of wine. For others, it's as simple as ensuring their work bag and lunches are prepped for the day ahead.

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Self-care isn't all about this though, it can be more if you're willing to put in a little bit of effort - and yes it can seem 'boring' to others, but it's nonetheless just as important.

That's where the idea of mundane self-care comes in. The little, maybe unseen acts which make your life work better. The parts of adulting that no one tells you about - yet seem to appear more and more often!

So if you're looking for something more meaningful than that candlelit bath, then look no further. In this post, I'm going to tell you all about the mundane self-care that actually works!

Mundane Self-Care

So, what exactly IS mundane self-care? There isn't a dictionary definition for this, but I'll explain what I believe it means.

Mundane self-care encompasses all the unseen tasks we complete day to day, week in week out which, when built upon, enhance the bigger picture of life.

This may mean that you finally sort out that drawer which has been bugging you, or you batch cook your lunches for the week ahead.

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For others, it could be ensuring all your receipts are in order for your tax return, or going through your wardrobe and sorting out which items you want to sell on Vinted/Poshmark or give to charity.

We all know how much better we feel whenever a chore that's been on our minds for a while eventually gets done. Well here, it's the same except that the task we're undertaking has far-reaching consequences for our ultimate well-being.

Now that may seem mad considering I'm talking about sorting out your underwear drawer, but hear me out.

Getting Sh!t done!

You all know how much better you feel when you *finally* get around to sorting out that pile of clothes you've been meaning to get around to but haven't quite found the time in between work meetings, brunches with the girls, school runs and gym visits!

It gives you a sense of satisfaction and ultimately frees you up to concentrate on other things which may have more meaning in your everyday life.

"Tidy space tidy mind" couldn't be more true in this scenario.

And it's not just me that thinks this way, there's plenty of evidence to support the theory that even doing the smallest of tasks on an unseemingly never-ending to-do list can free up vital mental space for something more important. It allows you to focus on the tasks that require more from you.

open dishwasher, including plates and cutlery

Here are a few ways you too can begin to unburden yourself and ensure your mind is filled with more important life admin or perhaps instead to quieten it down and find some peace in your day.

person sitting crossed legged in a field with hands in prayer

Each of these self-care activities has the ability to allow your mind to wander and become freer. When we don't concentrate specifically on something, we can quite easily come up with solutions to problems which we were perhaps having trouble with.

Joy In The Mundane

In so much of life, there's this feeling that we have to keep moving towards the big tick moments - graduation, university, passing exams, getting a new job, buying a house/new car, having a family. The moments that make up the highlight reels of our lives.

"Life is what happens when you're busy making plans"

But that isn't where life happens. The reality is very mundane, repetitive and actually quite boring! But I'd argue that this is where the beauty truly lies.

"It's ordinary to love the beautiful but it's beautiful to love the ordinary"

So perhaps you're wondering what exactly IS mundane self-care? So, let me give you some examples:

  • Taking time for a long shower

  • Taking a walk with a playlist/podcast

  • Remembering to drink water

  • Getting up earlier to have your coffee alone

  • De-cluttering

  • Food prep/batch cooking

  • Preparing your work bag the night before

  • Sorting out your handbag

  • Prepping your gym gear before bed

  • Choosing your work outfit the day before

  • Watching your favourite TV show/Youtuber

  • Sorting through your email/tidying up your inbox

  • Tidying out your handbag

  • Collecting all your recipes

  • Sorting/tidying up your work desk

  • Cleaning out your work/gym bag

  • Calling a friend/family member

  • Going on a walk/run

  • Replying to that email/WhatsApp/text message

  • Buying storage items to help collect clutter around your house!

  • Sorting out your closet/underwear drawer

  • Putting your clothes away

  • Shaving your legs

  • Tackling a DIY project

person after a shower in dressing gown

These probably sound like tasks that you do every day without thinking - ones that nobody would think twice about completing, but I'd argue that those people are missing out on the joy of mundane self-care.

Choosing The Mundane

I don't know about you, but the joy I get from tidying up my room, cleaning my bathroom or even sorting out my emails rivals how I feel after taking a bath with a glass of wine! Truly!

There really is joy in the small things and also in getting around to ticking off those small annoying tasks you always find on your to-do list!

sofa outside with the words "self love" on the wall

The small things sometimes really are the big things and we shouldn't be so easily put off by assuming that we have to do the big things/take that candlelit bath with a glass of wine and a facemask to get that much-needed 'self-care'.

Let me know what you think! Are you a fan of mundane self-care? Are there any tasks you do on a daily/weekly basis that make you overall feel better?

Love, Sarah


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