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My Organic September with Montezuma's Chocolate

AD- This post is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This September, people across the UK are celebrating "Organic September" as a chance to find out about the amazing advantages of buying organic produce, on a personal level and for the environment around us.

As part of this fantastic campaign, I recently got the chance to try out Montezuma's tasty organic chocolate products- and they did not disappoint!

As a vegan, it can be hard to find great chocolate that is good for the environment AND delicious. I have my favourites, but it can be hard to know which products are actually sustainable.

That's why I'm so glad that I've found Montezuma's! They combine delicious chocolate with organic produce, bringing the perfect ethical chocolate alternative for vegans like me.

In this post, find out more about my organic September, including a bit of information about my all-time favourite chocolate products to enjoy as a vegan, including delicious Montezuma's chocolate.

Eating Chocolate as a Vegan

I’ve always loved chocolate, with Dairy Milk being a firm favourite of mine throughout childhood and right up until I went vegan three years ago.

When I made the change, as well as with everything else, I had to find replacements for my favourite chocolate products.

Thankfully though, veganism in general has spiked since 2019 which means more brands have popped up to bring out vegan versions of everyone’s favourite chocolate.

My favourites at the moment are Love Raw & NOMO, with Dirty Cow being a new delicious find more recently!

I’ve found my Dairy Milk replacement in the M!LK chocolate bar from Love Raw, so I’m a happy bunny now- you have to dunk it in a hot cuppa tea though to make the most of it!

Organic September

This September, many bloggers and social media users are following "Organic September", a campaign which aims to promote the farming and consumption of organic produce.

This campaign gives anyone the chance to eat and shop a bit more ethically, including groceries, chocolate treats, drinks, clothing and more.

Shopping organic has so many benefits. It combats climate change and it can reduce your exposure to pesticides. There are lots of advantages, for you and for the world!

During September, people across the UK can also learn a bit more about organic produce.

It's one thing to buy organic fruit every so often, but it's another to understand why we need to buy organic- and how much of our money actually goes towards the farmers themselves.

Montezuma's Chocolate

This is where Montezuma's comes in! Montezuma’s produce delicious organic chocolate. Every product is made from ethical cocoa and all of this cocoa meets their strict ‘Business Done Properly’ standards.

This company has a fantastic range of organic, vegan chocolates to try out- there really is something for everyone!

From chocolate bars to drinking chocolate, Montezuma's allows me to enjoy a delicious chocolate bite WITHOUT damaging the environment.

After all, this is the only planet with chocolate!

I loved trying out all the Montezuma's chocolate products. Giant buttons are always a favourite of mine, and I loved baking chocolate orange cookies using these tasty buttons from Montezuma's. They worked perfectly!

Montezuma's want to give their customers the same amazing range of products as you might find in the shop, but with a delicious organic range of chocolates to try out.

So, you can tuck into your giant buttons, organic dark chocolate or decadent truffles safe in the knowledge that all the cocoa was ethically sourced.

Montezuma’s sell their chocolate online via their website, in their stores across the country and in supermarkets such as Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. I recommend giving their products a go!

Have you ever tried Montezuma's chocolate? What is your favourite organic product? Let me know!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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