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My Top 5 Vegan Running Snacks

Sarah making a heart with her hands as she runs in a race

As a runner, it's so important that I fill my body with the fuel it needs to get to the end of the finish line. And as a vegan, I need to find easy and healthy meat-free alternatives to make sure I'm getting all the vitamins and nutrients I need to power my runs.

I've spoken before about the importance of eating well as a vegan. Making sure your body feels ready to take on any running challenges is central to your success.

a pile of cereal bars

It doesn't matter if you're out for a run with friends or if you're running in a race - you're not going to be able to exercise to the best of your ability if you don't have the right fuel in your body - and you could even end up hurting yourself, too.

In this blog post, I've put together my top 5 vegan running snacks. I've included snacks I might eat mid-run and healthy options I choose throughout the day to fuel my body and help with recovery.

1. Graze

Graze produce fantastic, protein-packed snacks for vegans. If you're a vegan runner, you need to make sure you're filling your body with healthy protein to keep up your energy levels. This nutrient is also important for recovery, helping your muscles repair after you've exercised.

graze chili and lime punchy nut mix for protein
Picture Credits: Iceland

You can get a Graze protein box delivered to your house for the full range of snacks, or just pick and choose your favourites at your local supermarket. From delicious, high-fibre cakes to little boxes of nuts and seeds, these snacks are perfect for runners.

2. Nakd Bars

Nakd Bars are a great vegan running snack - and you can eat a Nakd Bar while you're on the go, too. There's a range of different flavours, but my favourites are the chocolate orange ones.

These bars are full of vitamins and minerals - which is super important if you're exercising on a regular basis. I love the square Nakd Oat Bars when I need to re-fuel after a run.

a pile of different flavour Nakd bars
Picture Credits: The Beautiful Blue Bird

Nakd Bars can be quite expensive, so you can also get knock-off ones from Aldi or Lidl. These are still tasty - but much cheaper!

3. Kind Bars

Kind Bars are a mixture of nuts, chocolate and fruit - and they are a great boost of protein and fibre. These bars aren't my favourite vegan snack, but they're good if you need a quick burst of energy.

Kind bar raspberry, cashew and chia

Kind Bars are also super convenient if you're heading out for a run after work and you need a bit of fuel. It's important to note that not all of these snacks are vegan, as many of the bars contain honey, so you need to think about which ones you're choosing if you're following a vegan diet.

4. Buzzing Banana Bars

Buzzing Banana Bars are my all-time favourite vegan running snack! Their Banana and Apricot Soft Oat Bars are perfect for a pre-run breakfast and they can keep me full enough to fuel my run.

Sarah holds a race medal and smiles for the camera

Their products are often gluten-free and full of protein - and I've used these bars at my recent 10K races, too.

Buzzing Banana Bars are great for a post-run snack to kick-start your recovery. You can find these delicious snack bars in Waitrose.

5. Trek Bars

Trek Bars are a natural way to boost your protein if you're off for a run. There's a range of Trek Bars available, including protein flapjacks and high-fibre bars. You could enjoy a Trek Bar for breakfast before a race or try one out as a post-run treat.

From protein nut bars to protein power bars, there's something for everyone!

Trek protein flapjack salted caramel
Picture Credits: Eat Trek

Trek Bars are full of energy, and the company prides itself on creating gluten-free, completely vegan snack options. Whether you need fuel for the gym or you're heading out for a run, Trek Bars can help you maintain natural energy while you get active.

What are your favourite running snacks? I'd love to hear your recommendations in the comments.

Love, Sarah xoxo

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