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My Winter Skincare Routine for Brighter Skin

AD- Products sent in exchange for this review. All photos and opinions my own.

Throughout the autumn and winter I tend to find that my skin gets drier and is in need of a little extra hydration to deal with the heat from the radiators inside and the icy winds outside!

I don't know about you but it can play havoc with my skin, I don't know what it needs from one moment to the next because of the constantly changing temperatures!

My cheeks are really dry, my T-zone is still oily - although not as much as during the warmer months - and my chin is still ravaged with hormonal breakouts!

Recently though I have been trying out some new skincare from REN. Not a company I had ever tried previously but one to which I am now converted! REN are committed to Clean Skincare - no waste, no harsh chemicals but yes to natural bio-actives that help skin clean itself.

They're also committed to going completely plastic free by 2021 and are cleaning up beaches and oceans right now. Oh and they're also cruelty free to boot.

All of REN's facial skincare is formulated using innovative mineral and plant technology which means they are able to develop a clean skincare routine which works for you - whether that be caring for sensitised, blemish-prone, combination or dry skin.

Another big bonus is that the majority of their products are vegan, meaning that whether you're looking for a natural moisturiser, lip balm, face serum or eye cream, the REN Clean Skincare collection has what you need for naturally healthy, happy skin.

The products:

Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel Cream

A light gel cream moisturiser that will hydrate the skin. Tara pod extract will activate in contact with the skin's natural micobiome (good bacteria) to help illumincate the skin's complexion while Vitamin C and Magnesium will help smooth and re-energise skin's look for the perfect glow.

Ready, Steady, Glow Daily AHA Tonic

Our super-effective AHA + BHA skin-resurfacing tonic is a REN Clean Skincare bestseller. Formulated for daily use, Ready Steady Glow brightens complexions, refines skin texture and minimises the look of pores.

Glycol lactic Radiance Renewal Mask

A cult-favourite peel mask for dry, mature and sun-damaged skin, clinically proven to smooth, firm and minimise pores.

Developed to renew and refine, this deeply cleansing mask works to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines as it exfoliates, leaving behind refreshed, firmer, more radiant skin.

My Review:

I must say my skin has been LOVING these products - so much so that I haven't had *touch wood* any breakouts since using it. I have loved the toner, as I've been using more and more AHAs/Glycolic acids in my routine to try and alleviate some of the acne I have on my chin. I know this usually means it's hormonal but seriously? Can it just bugger off please!

I must say, ever since I came off my iron tablets my skin has actually been a heck of a lot better! Which pleases me immensely but I still do get the odd breakout before my period but this is why I have loved this toner, it has definitely helped me feel better about having my acne under control.

I have also loved the Vitamin C Gel Cream - much like other organic Vitamin C Serums - it has been light enough to use, not heavy, sticky or comedogenic.

Despite the weather being colder now and feeling like I need a ticker cream to battle the elements with; but actually this little cream has been wonderful at keeping wind burn at bay, leaving my skin smooth and protected.

My skin has been left radiant after using both the toner and gel cream - mainly because if you're getting rid of the first layer of skin with AHAs, what's left underneath is going to be newer and therefore brighter.

As of yet I haven't used the mask but I'm sure it will be as amazing as the other two products I've been using recently. I love using a facemask when I'm in the bath and this one seems easy and mess free which is just what I need when I'm unwinding in the bath!

All in all, trying out REN skincare has been a real treat for me and my skin. I wouldn't not hesitate to recommend this to anyone needing a shake up in their routine.

As I've not tried any of the other products from REN I can't comment how good they are, but judging by how much my skin has been loving this Radiance range, I'm sure they'll definitely be worth checking out.

If you're looking for a range which will brighten up your skin and be good for any persistent acne then don't hesitate to try out any of these products.

My skin is looking forward to trying out the glycol lactic renewal mask as well as using up the rest of the products. I may even treat myself to some more, seeing as my skin's been loving it so much!

Big thanks to REN for sending me out these products to use and review. As you can see they've been a massive success!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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