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Navigating The January Sales

Whilst Christmas may be sadly behind us, there are plenty of ways to get into the spirit of 2021- and taking advantage of the January sales is definitely one of them! However, the sales can be a big of a navigational nightmare (especially since it seems that they start in December rather than January) so I’m here with a few tips on how to survive the online sales.

Make a list & stick to it

This may sound obvious, but it really does help if you write down what you’re intending to buy and then stick to it. It is so easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding sales and think that a few little extras won’t hurt just because they’re in the sale.

Trust me, you’ll end up clearing them out during your Spring clean and wondering why you bought them in the first place. Don’t get fooled by what seems like a bargain!

Be sure the sites you use are trustworthy

First of all, check that you are using the correct sites for your purchases. Check that the address is ‘’ or ‘.com’ and look out for the little padlock in the corner of the address bar.

This ensures that all information is secure and that your payments are protected.

Do your research

Research your list beforehand to ensure that you are getting the best price possible before the sales hit.

This will save you time later and means you can check out faster and leave feeling smug rather than deflated and stressed!

Check social media for flash sales and sale dates

It can really help to follow certain brands across their social media as they will usually post updates about impending sales before they actually take place.

Simply set up a profile, find and follow the brands or stores you are intending to buy from, and you’ll have all the sales info (and sometimes competitions) delivered straight to your computer screen! Always worth it for the extra inside scoop.

Use a cashback service to make the most of your money

Not only can you grab a bargain in the January sales, you can also use a cashback service to maximise your money saving potential. Using a site such as Top Cashback or Quidco can earn you anything from 5% to 15% cashback on top any purchases made and they’re ridiculously easy to use.

You can then transfer this money straight into your bank account, chose to donate to charity, or have a voucher for certain retailers with varying amounts of cashback offered so it seems silly NOT to use them!

Try Money Saving Expert for the best deals and vouchers

You’ve probably all heard of Martin Lewis the Money Saving Expert but, if not, then his title is pretty self-explanatory. His website is fantastic, and I would urge you all to visit it before making ANY online/in-store January sale purchases because it is jam-packed with ways to save money on everything.

There are also forums on the site so you can have a gander to find out the latest sale news, which voucher codes are working, and where the best place to buy said product is. Definitely worth a visit!

Sign up for store emails and newsletters

For those of you who don’t fancy delving into the social media side of things, signing up for store emails and newsletters is a great way to keep an eye on what’s happening.

Since emails are usually sent to a set list of subscribers, you’re usually way more likely to receive vouchers and discounts on top of the sales which is a bonus. Then, once you’re done shopping you can easily unsubscribe afterwards – commitment free! I'd like to add here that a sneaky trick which usually works is going to a retailer's website, putting items into your basket and then leaving.

They will then most probably email you with a 'did you forget something' email and more often than not, with a discount code attached to persuade you to come back and shop! You've nothing to lose and perhaps savings to gain!

Be prepared for the high street

If you’re intending to hit the high street for the January sales, make sure you’re prepared. Taking to the shops early morning can often mean missing the crowds, allowing you to get in (and out) without too much fuss and usually with the best bargain.

Even though January is chilly, remember that you’re likely to work up a sweat in the sales so wear light layers to prevent you getting hot and stressed. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask the sales assistants for help.

So, there you have it! I hope this guide is useful to some of you and I wish you luck in finding the perfect January sales bargain.

Leave a comment below to let me know where you found the best deals!



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