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Introducing One Wellness Harrogate: Trying Out Beginner's Yoga

yoga studio waiting room, sofas, lamps and a table

AD- Yoga class kindly gifted in exchange for this post and a feature on my social channels.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a yoga class at One Wellness here in Harrogate. One Wellness are here to help you become the very best version that you can be.

With experts ranging in fields such as Health & Lifestyle Coaching, Physiotherapy, Personal Training and Nutrition there's bound to be someone to help you on the road to wellness.

It has been open for about 18 months but has recently undergone a massive refurbishment and is looking really bright, airy and spacious.

Upon entering the reception area I was immediately calmed, all of the areas were looking equally smart.

I definitely felt like this was the place to be if I wanted to feel chilled out and all zen-like after my yoga class!

Prior to this I had never heard of nor seen One Wellness but having spent some time with the people there I feel like I will definitely be back because of the friendly welcome I received as well as supporting a new independent business in town.

I can highly recommend them if you're looking for somewhere to start your fitness journey and find gyms too intimidating!

Poster about your wellness journey

There are a number of services available including:


These workshops are designed to improve your understanding of health and wellness, introducing you to a healthier life, dispelling it's myths and providing you with practical easy actions which you can use straight away to improve your life.

The first series of interactive workshops launched in May this year and featured Dr Helen who drew on her experience as a GP and together with her Health Coaching skills she educates and inspires everyone she meets to become the very best version of themselves.

They are free for members and only £10 for non members. Keep an eye on their website for details of the next workshops.

Fitness Classes

At One Wellness they have a whole load of classes all throughout the week from Golf Fit, Pilates, Beginner's Yoga, Legs Bums and Tums, Teen Gym and Relax & Restore Yoga.

They run at various times throughout the week so you're sure to be able to fit one into your work schedule without too much disruption.

Even I managed to find time to do a beginner's yoga class after a morning shift at work! (I did so on a Friday evening which worked really well.) Check the website for a full list.


There are lots of different options available at One Wellness so there's definitely something for everyone, depending on whereabouts you are in your fitness.


Individual class - £10

4 class pass - £36

8 classes - £64

12 classes - £84

Introductory Offer

8 classes £35 valid for one month

Beginner course

£50 for anyone who wants to up their fitness but doesn't know where to start, package includes introductory exercise consultation, a 'new to yoga class', and our new to exercise class as well as an additional class per week and access to their gym.

empty yoga studio with gym equipment at the side


£75 a month - Unlimited fitness classes and unsupervised access to their gym.

Wellbeing membership

£100 p month - Unlimited fitness classes

1-hour joining consultation to set goals and a 10-point Health assessment

Option 6 week social specific programme

Access to supervised open gym sessions

Quarterly Physiotherapy assessment and review

Quarterly Health assessment review

10% discount of Physiotherapy and Personal Training sessions

100% discount on health and lifestyle workshops

20% off Health and Wellbeing Breakthrough Session with Dr Helen

Health Assessment

£40 - Includes baseline recordings for Blood Pressure, Heart rate, BMI, waist circumference, resting V02 max, fasted glucose and cholesterol via a capillary test (finger prick)

Personal Training

£35 - There ars fabulous trainers available to help you reach your health goals. PT sessions start from just £35 with excellent deals for block bookings. Partner/Buddy sessions are also available.

gym, including equipment like weights, treadmills and a bench

My Review of One Wellness Harrogate Beginner's Yoga

(Every Friday 17:30 - 18:30PM)

I have done yoga before but I don't do it as often as I'd like to so when the opportunity came up to have a free class I jumped at it.

I'm not the most flexible when it comes to being able to hold the poses and I have tight hamstrings so find some of the positions difficult if I'm not fully stretched out.

Despite this I know that yoga is the best exercise I just need to do it more regularly!

I came to One Wellness on a Friday when I'd just been told I couldn't give blood because of my iron deficiency, I was feeling quite sad and almost like I didn't want to take the class!

But I knew I had to so I *somewhat begrudgingly* went along, hoping that I could hide at the back of the class where no-one could see my bad mood!

yoga studio with two mats laid out

Unfortunately I was out of luck as there only literally me in the class! It's still fairly new and it being Friday night, perhaps everyone else was at home on the sofa ordering takeout! I'd love to have done just that but there I was, all dressed and ready to do some yoga....

It was a really relaxing class with no stretches or holds I couldn't do which pleased me immensely.

After a tough work week it felt good to let go of all my anxieties, stretch it out and clear my mind. I always find that after yoga whatever was bothering me going into it, doesn't seem to be there afterwards.

That's what I love about exercise, nothing else is as important as the next step, or the next stroke, or in this case the next hold.

My teacher, Aina was so lovely and took me through a gentle routine which eased my muscles and gently but firmly stretched me out all over. Every part of me was flexed and relaxed throughout the whole of the class, nothing was left out and all my knots were eased.

yoga teacher sitting cross legged on a mat on her phone

When I finished the class I felt so zen, like all my worries and sadness about not being able donate had just melted away.

I felt ready to tackle whatever came next and if the class had been earlier in the day, ready for work or to make a start on my never ending to-do list! It's true what they day you know, about how exercise can clear the mind!

It really works and if this one class left me feeling this way, imagine how I'd feel after a course of classes! Pretty amazing I'm guessing.

I really enjoyed my yoga class at One Wellness and I am trying to find the time to go back! So if you, like me, struggle to find a convenient yoga (or other exercise class) class and you're in Harrogate, please do consider One Wellness! They'd love to have you.

Find more information on their website.

Love, Sarah


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