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5 Parks to Visit in the UK This Summer

Love Your Parks Week is coming up- and parks are an incredible part of local areas here in the UK!

There's nothing like visiting a beautiful green space for a couple of hours. Nature is a fantastic way to improve your mental health, and parks are a free and fun activity to entertain yourself or your kids during the Summer holidays.

Whether you want to head somewhere for a cute picnic or you need a refreshing Summer walk, there are hundreds of parks across the UK to visit.

In this post, find out about a few amazing parks to visit in the UK this Summer, including local green areas and big landmark parks.

1. Kew Gardens

The Kew Gardens in London is a fantastic place to visit if you want to experience everything nature has to offer.

The Kew Gardens is no ordinary park. It is home to thousands of incredible natural species and beautiful botanics, and there are plenty of gorgeous spots to check out across this huge national attraction.

From edible plant tours to regular outdoor fitness classes, there's something for everyone!

2. Hyde Park, London

Hyde Park is the largest of the four Royal Parks in London. This park was established by King Henry VIII, and since 1637 it has been open to the public.

It's the perfect place for anyone and everyone to enjoy a bit of greenery in London. This park has been home to many protests and important speeches across the years, and it was a common meeting place for the suffragettes!

This is a beautiful, historic park to check out this Summer- and it is full of hidden wonders! Many music and entertainment events are held in this park every year, so there's bound to be something for everyone during the warmer months.

3. York Museum Gardens

The York Museum Gardens are a beautiful place to head for a picnic this Summer.

On a sunny day, I could spend hours just lounging in these gorgeous gardens or exploring the many paths and bits and pieces that this park has to offer!

Including regular "birds of prey" shows and a resident ice-cream van, this is the perfect park to visit in Love Your Parks Week!

This park also has a few old abbey ruins and a fascinating museum to visit, if you fancy learning a bit of history.

4. Weston Park, Sheffield

If you're heading North this Summer, Weston Park is a gorgeous park to visit in the Summer months.

This park is covered in trees if you need a bit of shade, and there are plenty of benches to sit and think for a while.

You can also play a game of tennis on one of the tennis courts, listen to old-time music at the bandstand or head to Weston Park Museum for a look around. The museum is also completely free!

This is the perfect place for a Summer day out!

5. Conifox Adventure Park, Kirkliston

Conifox Adventure Park is an amazing adventure park for families in Scotland, and this park is packed full of fun activities for everyone!

If you're looking for a bit of entertainment this Summer, Conifox Adventure Park has a 9-hole footgolf course, pedal go-karts, off-round pedal tractors, obstacle courses and more!

This sounds like a lot of fun, whatever your age- and almost all of the equipment is suitable for kids and adults.

Have you ever visited any of these parks? Let me know what you're up to on Love Your Parks Week!

Love, Sarah xoxo

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