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Getting Peace of Mind On A Staycation with The Bike Insure

AD- This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Now that the weather is getting better, more and more of us are looking to travel. Most of us probably want to go abroad, especially now that Covid restrictions are being lifted it is becoming easier to travel abroad.

But sometimes, being a tourist in your own country is the preferred option. Even more so after the pandemic – not being able to travel abroad has meant that we’ve had to become savvier about our travel options. Perhaps exploring places around your own backyard which you hadn’t thought of before.

If you’re one of the 1.35 million licensed motorbike owners in the UK, you’re probably already aware more than anyone just how wonderful the UK countryside is. Whenever the sun shines I always see a lot of motorbikers heading into the Yorkshire Dales or onwards to the coast, either Whitby or Scarborough.

Insuring Before Your Trip

Now, just like car owners, motorbike owners also have to be insured. Depending on the type of bike you have and how often you ride it, you’ll need different types of insurance and perhaps you only need Pay as you go insurance (also known as temporary motorcycle insurance) from The Bike Insure who offer insurance to bikers up and down the country.

This could be useful if you don’t own a motorbike or are only wanting to go away on a short trip and therefore don’t need a long insurance policy. I’ve always stuck to the monkier of ‘buy as soon as you book’ which basically means you should always buy any type of holiday insurance as soon as you book your holiday and ensure the policy starts from this date and not the first day of your holiday – you don’t know what could happen in between these dates and the policy could cover you.

For peace of mind, insurance should be a priority however you wish to travel – by car, motorbike or plane. You never know what will happen and it would be awful to end up as a statistic just because you forgot to buy insurance or thought you didn’t need it! (Although we all know accidents can happen however prepared you are!)

Planning Your Trip

Once you’ve sorted out your insurance, you can get back to the most important part of your trip – the planning! There are so many beautiful places to travel to in the UK- we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where to bike to.

Like I said before, whenever the sun shines the bikers are out in force in the Yorkshire Dales and along the gorgeous coastline. There are so many beautiful roads to explore and the scenery is exceptional during the Spring/Summer months when usually the sun is out and the weather is on our side, as well as there being more time to take these trips thanks to all of the bank holidays!

The Best Road Trips In The UK

A2 Antrim Coast Road Northern Ireland

As the name suggests, this road hugs the Northern Ireland coastline, running from Larne and up to the world famous Giant’s Causeway, taking in the picture perfect seaside villages nestled between the sea and the sloping glens.

A537 Cat and Fiddle Peak District

The A537 from Buxton to Macclesfield is named after the second highest public house in England, which sits on the border between Cheshire and Derbyshire and is often referred to as one of the UK’s most dangerous roads!

This doesn’t deter bikers who flock to the 11.5 mile ribbon of tarmac every high day and holiday.

The North Coast 500 Scotland

The NC 500 was created in 2014 by the North Highland Initiative and consists of a 516 mile route around the Scottish coast. The official route starts and ends at Inverness Castle, taking in the likes of Ullapool, Durness, John O’Groats, Dornoch and Inverness itself.

A39 Minehead to Barnstaple, Somerset/Devon

The A39 is one of the longest and most important roads in the south west, connecting Bath with Falmouth. The road gets interesting as you exit the village of Porlock.

A red sign warns of an impending 1 in 4 hill! Back in the day, Porlock Hill was the death of many vehicles but this isn’t the case for motorcyclists and the reward is a stunning ride over Exmoor.

A470 Cardiff to Llandudno Wales

The A470 takes in two National Parks and two separate coastlines. From Brecon, the A470 twists and turns its way to Builth Wells, where it’s suggested to take a detour to take in the splendour of the Abergwesyn Pass, complete with a 1 in 4 hill!

So you see there’s plenty of choice when you’re deciding when to plan a UK road-trip this Spring/Summer. Just make sure you’re insured before you head off on your trip, for full peace of mind!



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