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Joint Effort: Planning Your Wedding With Your Partner

Firstly, congratulations; you’re probably here because you’re recently engaged, or have simply decided with your other half that it’s time to get married.

Marriage can make a lot of sense financially, and, obviously a wedding is a celebration of your relationship and love for one another.

Traditionally, the planning of the big day falls mainly on one half of the couple. But, it’s 2022, and most traditions are pretty redundant, or, they might just not be for you and your beloved.

So, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your wedding speaks volumes about you both!

Making the big day a total joint effort may mean a couple of compromises here and there. However, the results will be beautiful memories, and each guest thinking “this is just so them” in a good way!

Hopefully, you’re already sitting down and reading this together, if not, it’s time to forward it to your partner.

The following are some things you can consider to ensure your wedding is truly about you both and your love for one another.

Surprising Guests

Often, a bride will have a grand reveal of her dress on the big day- and it’ll be the first time her fiancé has seen it.

Sometimes both fiancés surprise each other with their dresses, suits or a mixture of the two. Maybe it’s time to plan what each other is wearing together.

Creating an outfit that suits the individual, while also complementing their other half, will take teamwork and could be a really special part of the planning process.

Therefore, why not include a trip to the tailor or dress shop together, to tie in perfectly with those custom-designed wedding rings you’ve worked so hard to create.

Knowing that you both already adore how you both look in your attire will be all you need to get through your vows with confidence.

Speaking of vows, again, why not surprise guests with vows that you’ve worked on together. It’s your ceremony, so be creative and as unique as you want!

Joint Passions

Whether it’s curries you can’t get enough of together, Christmas decorations or Drum n Bass music, make them a key part of your wedding!

If you have joint passions that you enjoy regularly, they’re likely to be part of why you fell in love.

So, orchestrate and plan together when it comes to featuring them on your wedding day. Every time you enjoy those things in the future, you’ll get the best memories of your wedding.

Memorable Moments

Maybe you had a really special first date somewhere, or a holiday abroad that you’ll never forget. Why not go through those lovely memories together and figure out how to bring them into your wedding.

It’ll be such a positive and uplifting planning session as you walk down memory lane together, and you’ll have fun figuring out how to share those important moments with your guests.

Remember: there’s food, decor, music, themes, invites and more to prepare, so there are plenty of ways to bring in whatever you’ve been reminiscing over. Enjoy!

Are you planning a wedding? Let me know all your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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