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Q+A with Chloe from Nyxie’s Nook

This September I have the very wonderful and lovely Chloe from Nyxie’s Nook as my advertiser, so I thought I would delve a little deeper behind the blog and find out more about Chloe and why she decided to start detailing her recovery from an eating disorder.

Hey Chloe, great to meet you and have you on my blog again this month! Could you tell us a little more about you and why you decided to create ‘Nyxie’s Nook?’

I’m Chloe, I’ve just turned 30 and I'm the virgoest virgo that has ever lived! I’m also not great at talking about myself! But, what I can tell you is that I’m from a small town in Northern Ireland where I grew up among very traditional and sectarian people.

Despite this, I’ve grown into a very liberal gender-fluid writer, who just so happens to be married to a man of the opposite religion and living with two cats in the place of children. Much to my family's displeasure!

After years of living in perpetual burnout and depression, I’ve finally found my way to happiness through happiness, setting boundaries and writing.

My blog, Nyxie’s Nook was a product of my obsessive need to always be working, accompanied by my own spiral into relapse. I created Nyxie’s Nook in early 2019 as a means to cope with eating disorder recovery, among other painful life changes that were happening at the time.

It became my solace and has since grown into something much, much more.

You mentioned that you share your on-going recovery from an eating disorder on your blog as much to help yourself as other readers who may also be going through the same journey as you.

Could you explain how this has and how it continues to help with your recovery?

Being able to talk about what an eating disorder is, the different types and the advice I’ve learned along the way has become an informal type of therapy for me. I’m one of these people who learns and retains information by doing something, and then teaching i.

When I worked as a health and safety officer, my favourite thing to do was training in any shape or form. I would create presentations, take ‘tool box talks’ and even pass out workbooks and sheets. Not that any of the lads cared, but I was in my element!

So when I was forced to leave because of anorexia nervosa in December 2018, I was lost. I was thrown into emergency treatment, was given books and worksheets and yet couldn’t retain a thing. But when I started reading through these things with the intention of teaching and helping others, it suddenly made sense.

Not only was I able to help myself, but I could help others in a similar position. Even though I’m well into recovery, I always come up with new things or studies to learn from. Be it for eating disorder recovery, or various other mental or chronic illnesses.

Some people may not know, but you’ve actually designed a tattoo that I’ve now had tattooed on me. Have you always been creative in this way, with illustrating and designing?

Always! From the moment I was able to hold a pencil, my grandmother had me drawing.

She used to always tell this story about me falling asleep in my high chair with a pencil in my hand and scribbling over an envelope. I was fast asleep, yet my hand was still moving.

My grandmother was and continues to be a big inspiration of mine and she encouraged my creativity from the word GO!

What would you like your life to look like if you were given the power to not have had your eating disorder? Has it defined you as a person, like what I mean to say is, do you know/would you like to know what kind of person you’d be without having had an eating disorder?

Sometimes I think about what my life would have been like. If I had the chance to look through a looking glass into an alternative universe, I’d like to watch it all happen from afar just to see who I would have been.

But my real worry is that I wouldn’t be the liberal, expressive and compassionate person I am today. What I mean to say is I would be scared to see myself turn into someone I don’t like. I think what you go through shapes you in ways that only you can understand.

The eating disorder and mental illness, as awful as it’s been, has made me into a person I’m proud to be. I somehow don’t think I’d be that person if I hadn't experienced that.

Could you tell us what you like to get up to in your spare time? Who are you away from work, blogging and hugging your cats? What makes Chloe, Chloe?

Art is definitely a big part of my life. It took a while to come back to, but since I’ve gotten back into being creative, it feels like a warm hug.

Yes, I may want to do too much, too often, but it’s still fun seeing all this creative pile up in our ‘creation station.’ That’s what we call the office closet.

I also love video games, and that’s usually how I wind down in the evenings. If I’m not farming on Stardew Valley, I’m on Animal Crossing or playing Fable.

Other than that I just love being around my chosen family. I love my friends, be it in their large groups or separately. I just love being able to pop round to their house and have a coffee and catch up. Maybe even a wee drink!

OK now onto some more fun type questions!

There’s quite the variety of posts on Nyxie’s Nook, what content do you like to write about most?

It changes if I’m honest. At the moment I’m loving the lifestyle stuff, but it always feels like coming home when I dive into mental health or chronic illness.

If were to be given a genie inside a magic lamp, what would you wish for?

It would have to be the eradication of poverty world wide. I see so many people struggling at the moment. Even people like my husband and I who both work and have no kids are struggling, and it scares me. Ninety percent of my anxiety is, honestly, financial.

While that’s due in part to how I was brought up, it’s also the constant fear of the cost of living not matching our wages. Especially now that I’ve left full time work and went back part time to a previous employer. Yes, I’m so much happier and healthier, but I’m terrified of when that’ll end.

So, yeah, long story short, I want that genie to tax the rich more and look after the little people who have to choose between heating their home or putting food on the table.

What is your daily routine like?

When I’m not working it consists of getting up at six to feed the cats, then sitting down with a cup of coffee to do some writing or other blogging work. Sometimes I’ll sit outside for a bit to decompress, especially now that it’s warmer.

I’ll work on blogging until my husband reminds me to eat or until I get hungry. Then I’ll usually throw in a walk at some point depending on the weather. Usually I have a cut off period for blogging around five or six, and then I’ll settle in to do some artwork or play video games.

It’s not overly exciting but there’s nothing I love more than going at my own pace.

Are you a morning person, a night owl or somesort of permanently petrified pigeon?

Night owl, through and through!

Yes, I get up at six every morning, but what I failed to admit was that, sometimes, I’ll go back to bed for an hour or two. No shame here! I’ll just work a little later into the evening.

What would your death row meal be?

Home made, deep fried chips, freshly battered onion rings and a peppered chicken wrap with all the trimmings. All of which has to be from my family's chip shop back home.

I worked there from twelve to twenty one years of age, and I promise you the food is amazing!

What is your skincare routine like? Do you like to have a bath, face mask and glass of something in the bath or do you do something else to look after yourself?

I don’t have a skin care routine at all. I know, I know. Thirty and no routine!? But I just have never taken that stuff seriously. But I do love a face mask.

My husband and I will do face masks at least once a week, usually with a bath and a cup of hot chocolate or a beer. Maybe some Asti if we’re lucky!

Do you think you’d be able to survive on a deserted island? What 4 items/possessions/things would you take with you to attempt this?

I would fail hard at a desert island. I’m just not the outdoorsy type. I can’t even camp! But, if I were to be left on a deserted island I’d take my husband, a lighter, a tonne of variety snacks and my best friend.

What is your phone usage like? Are you addicted to checking social media, emails, the news etc. or are you quite good at leaving it? (if so please tell me how I can become less addicted…!)

It’s pretty average. When I’m out of the house I’m constantly checking emails and whatsapp. But when I’m in the house I can sometimes lose my phone for hours at a time.

If I’m working on something, I usually don’t look at my phone until I need it to take a photo or someone contacts me.

Tell me who your favourite content creators are, across all apps!

I love Selfloveliv from Instagram! She is my go to for all things mental health and she’s so forward with everything! I’m also a big fan of Mr Ballen from YouTube (TikTok etc.). I’m a true crime nut, so he really speaks to me in a dark and twisted way.

I also feel like I should mention Dr K, also on YouTube. He created and operates ‘The Healthy Gamer’ and talks about mental health on a daily basis.

He’s definitely worth checking out, and even indirectly encouraged my husband to leave his toxic job.

How did you meet your husband and long have you been together? Has he helped you during your recovery?

We met in 2010 in a bar in our town. I wasn’t allowed to be there because it was a Catholic bar, so I used to sneak out with my friend and tell my parents we were going to the ‘Protestant’ bar.

Ryan walked up to me and the first thing he said was ‘are you into men?’. My response was ‘only when I’m drinking.’ And that was it!

He has been an amazing partner to me throughout our years together, but specifically in recovery. I always say that Ryan is the family I chose for myself. He’s the only one, bar my mates, who know me for me, and loves me for me.

Yes we’ve had our difficult times, but it’s only brought us closer together.

And lastly, is Autumn your favourite season and if not why not?!

It is! I love Autumn because it’s my birthday season, and, of course, Halloween! Plus, it’s the time of year where it’s not too hot but it’s also not freezing yet.

Thanks again to Chloe for answering these questions. Please do go and check out her blog and social media channels.

She’s such a wonderful blogger and I’d highly recommend giving her a follow!



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