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Relaxing with Gourmet Popcorn: Taste Testing New Flavours from The Popcorn Shed

AD- Popcorn Shed kindly sent these over for a feature on my blog. All photos and opinions my own.

The festive season is here which means, to me at least, a few things:

- You can drink mulled wine at any time of the day

- It's finally acceptable to stay inside, on the sofa, in your pyjamas

- Having a Netflix account is a must

- And finding new snacks to eat whilst watching said Netflix movie essential!

Most of you will know that I am socially anxious and therefore avoid going out unless I absolutely have to. If I'm with friends then it's easier but going to new events say, is now getting more and more difficult.

Plus, I feel I'm too old now to be going out like those young 'uns I work with! So staying in on the sofa with a glass of wine and some tasty snacks is where you'll usually find me!

To this end I'm going to tell you how I like to relax when I'm not working. It rarely changes, unless I've an invite to an event or another social function and I'm known for my love of baths featuring a glass of wine and the latest upload on YouTube!

It's my zen and how my brain switches off after a long day at work, thankfully they're more acceptable in the winter - especially if you happen to love them hot like I do!

Nothing beats off the winter chill more than boiling yourself in a bathtub full of hot water!

After scalding myself, I love nothing more than putting on my pyjamas, a pair of fluffy socks, my big cosy dressing gown and settling down on the sofa, ready to watch a Netflix documentary or a film. Now that it's December, Netflix has a load of Christmassy films all ready for me to watch and get me feeling festive.

It has to be said that until very recently, I had not bothered with any of them because I just wasn't really feeling it but after watching my first (The Christmas Chronicles!) I am starting to feel a little festive. Not much, but just a little. Netflix worked their magic again!

When I have time I like to read books too, escaping into another world and forgetting about my worries for a while. I've a wide range of books from fiction, covering all genres from horror, to chick lit and fantasy as well as autobiographies and books written by people I follow online.

Recently I've picked up a few books in the mental health sector which have been incredibly insightful to read. I'm always looking for new recommendations though, so if you have a favourite book then please let me know!

Snacks are important when relaxing too, I mean what's better than the prospect of lazing on the sofa with a glass of wine and some tasty, tasty popcorn? I always get mixed when I go to the cinema as I love not knowing if I'm going to have a sweet mouthful or a salty one!

I'm always after a new taste sensation to add to my snack collection and these little packets from Popcorn Shed are perfect for that.

Sometimes opening a big packet can be a bit risky if I don't like something, but more often than not I'm going to love it anyway!

I'm a real foodie and love trying new foods, especially when they're as tasty as these little bags of heaven. They make any night in special and make me want to upgrade my beverage of choice to Prosecco instead of wine!

When something says 'Gourmet' I always feel like it's a little bit more special therefore needing an appropriate drink to go with it!

With Christmas coming up, I am always after snacks to eat before or after my dinner because there is always room for snacks after stuffing yourself silly with the delicious festive lunch!

Seeing as I'll not be partaking in the usual turkey lunch, I always feel like I'll have room for a small bag of tasty popcorn afterwards!

The amount of choice available from Popcorn Shed means that there's bound to be one for everyone to tuck in and enjoy a bag, the only problem you're bound to encounter is which flavour to try first!

I am so looking forward to tucking into these bags of deliciousness, I just know they're going to be incredibly tasty!

Whether I'm snuggling down on the sofa watching a Christmas film in between working, or snacking on them in between Christmas lunch and dinner; I just know these bags are going to be perfect.

There are so many flavours available you're definitely bound to find one for everyone, they'd make the perfect gift for the foodie in your life!

Find out more on their website for prices, allergy information and stockists.

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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