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How to Revive a Boring Day When You're Sick of the Same Routine

Do you remember when you were a kid and you'd say 'Mum, I'm bored'? Well, I learned to stop saying that after the only response I ever got was 'I've got plenty of cleaning for you to do'!

But that didn't stop me from feeling bored. And even though I grew older, and now I always have things I need to do, I still find myself bored of doing the same thing on a daily basis.

When you have a routine, sometimes it can feel a bit too repetitive. You go to work every day, do this or that for your kids, etc. And then one day you wake up and realise that the only thing different from today is how much sleep you got last night!

We all feel bored of life every now and again, but did you know that chronically bored people are more prone to anxiety and depression? But do not fear!

There are plenty of ways to give your life a boost with some excitement and make the days seem less tedious.

1. Go for a drive somewhere new

If you're always driving around the same old areas that are familiar to you, you'll be pretty sick of the usual sights. Take a different route today, head in a direction you don't normally go in.

Heck, you don't even have to drive - just take a walk in your area!

If you usually turn left outside your home, turn right this time and see something new. Go to a lake you've never been to or find a nearby park you can walk around.

2. Call up some old friends

You know those friends who will always be your friends, no matter what? Perhaps friends who you may not speak with all the time?

If you need to mix up your routine for the day, consider calling one of these friends for a catch-up on what's been going on. It will be equally beneficial for both of you to find out what's been going on in your lives.

It doesn't have to be a long conversation, just merely having the ability to reconnect with people who are important to you is enough.

3. Learn something new

You are never too old to learn something new. In fact, I actually know someone who graduated from law school at 92! When asked why he went back to study so late in life, he said it was to keep his mind fresh and young.

If you're good at something, find out how to do that thing even better. Or if you have an interest in something you haven't tried before, take a chance at learning it.

There are many online courses you can take, even free ones. Whether it's a new language you want to learn or a new hobby you want to begin, such as guitar lessons or ballroom dancing, learning something new can always give a boring day a revival.

4. Try out some new recipes

If you tend to use the same recipes for dinner each night, try something new. This can be as advanced as trying a brand new recipe from another country, or as simple as adding an ingredient to a meal you usually make to shake it up a bit.

Once a week you could have an 'anything goes' night when it comes to dinner and choose something you and your family have never tried before. This will be something to look forward to all week and will jazz up your dinner routine.

5. Add some things to your bucket list

Do you have a bucket list? If not, maybe it's time to start one. A bucket list is a list of all the things you want to do before you 'kick the bucket'.

Are there things you've always wanted to do, or places you've always wanted to travel to? Adding things to your bucket list is sure to revive a boring day and get you excited for things to come.

For me, there's nothing better than dreaming of places I want to go and making plans for that adventure. It can shake up a boring day in minutes!

6. Create a new schedule

A sure way of mixing up your old boring routine is to create a new schedule or just mix it up a bit. This is a good way to keep things fresh, or if you think you tend to get stuck in repetitive patterns too often, it's a good way to break those habits.

If your usual schedule includes getting up, ready and leaving for work, why not try to get up an hour earlier, make time for breakfast, maybe sit outside in the garden with your morning coffee and read a few pages of your book to get your morning started.

There's something about rushing out the door each morning that makes us feel like we're stuck in a rut. By changing up your morning routine, you're more likely to start each day on a positive note.

7. Watch something new

Are you sick of watching the same re-runs on TV every day? Ditch the remote and find some new shows on Netflix. There's something for everyone, so there's bound to be something you like.

My current favourites are:

  • Below Deck

  • Lucifer

  • Suits

Up until recent years, I would have re-runs of Friends on the TV all the time (I mean, who doesn't love Friends). But I realised - after catching myself speaking along with the TV, knowing the entire script - that there were many other great shows I was missing out on. All my friends were talking about these shows and I could only join in the conversation if they were talking about Friends!


Sometimes all your mind needs is a change of scenery or some new distractions to get it out of the rut. Just like you go to work, school, meet friends for coffee - there's nothing wrong with doing something different today!

You never know what you might discover or who you may meet when you try something new on your next boring day.

So, what's something new you want to try on your next boring day?

About the Author:

Vourneen is the creator of The Plain Simple Life where she helps overwhelmed women to regain control of their homes by switching their mindset, decluttering and organising, and introducing simple and sustainable living practices into their daily routines.

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Sarah xoxoxo

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