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RISE Coffee Box Subscription

Now who doesn’t love coffee?? A cup of Joe to set you up for the day ahead, a cup of liquid gold to make every moment better. I myself have come to love coffee in the last few years and now can’t seem to function properly without at least one cup through the day!

Now, imagine being able to get some of the best coffee from the very best sustainably sourced independent coffee roasters in the UK. Where all their boxes are recyclable, are made from 90% recycled material, are printed with water-based ink as well as being vegan, compostable and created from responsibly managed forests. Pretty cool huh?

Well now you can, with a RISE coffee box subscription! So, sit back, pour yourself a cup and enjoy the treats that come in the box, all safe in the knowledge you’re doing good for the planet and the roasters you’re supporting.

The RISE of Coffee Subscriptions

In July 2020 it was estimated that one in ten people in the UK subscribed to a food and beverage subscription during lockdown and that coffee was one of the most popular categories. In 2018 Amazon reported that “food and beverage” was the fastest-growing category on their platform and that coffee was the subset of that category.

Coffee subscriptions aren’t just a way to provide customers with fresh, high-quality coffee, but also as a means for drinkers to learn more about the origin of their coffee. Coffee on subscription services provide roasters with the opportunity to add value to the overall experience – especially if they rotate based on the roaster’s supply. With customers trying a “coffee of the month” and learning more about who made that particular month’s roast.

With a coffee subscription, it’s often like going to a cocktail bar and instead of ordering your usual drink, you ask for the bartender’s choice. Subscriptions give company's the flexibility to send consumers a coffee they wouldn’t normally try. This also allows the roasters to strengthen existing relationships with producers and also establish new ones.

The RISE coffee subscription box was born in lockdown after Ben & Alice missed getting their usual coffee from their favourite coffee shops on their route to work. So they went on the hunt for good quality coffee to drink at home, but when they couldn’t find anything decent in supermarkets or online, they set about sourcing delicious and exciting varieties of coffee to send to the homes of other coffee lovers, just like them!

The business has been going for 2 years now and RISE has just been voted the #1 coffee subscription in the UK by a number of leading publications including The Independent, ELLE Magazine, Good Housekeeping, GQ and Women’s Health!

So you know that this coffee subscription will tingle your tastebuds and help you learn how to make better coffee!

Coffee For Every Moment

Just like there is a food or a drink for each particular moment throughout the day, there is a coffee for each moment too. Perhaps a flat white or a cafetière to start the morning off right, followed by a latte or cappuccino at lunchtime and then an espresso or decaf at the end of the day.

There are so many moments which are punctuated by coffee, just the smell of the coffee roasting in the morning can wake us up, which can be especially useful if we’ve had a bad nights’ sleep!

It has been scientifically proven that the smell of coffee can improve our cognitive function and help us be better able to take on the day. It may even help to improve our mood, I now I always feel better after having my morning cuppa! (And I know I’m not the only one!)

Caffeine is a natural stimulant for the nervous system, its effects kick in after 15 minutes of ingestion and can last up to 6 hours and is one of the alkaloids our brain likes the most! So next time someone asks why you’re already on your 2nd cup of coffee at 9:03AM you can say “I’m just optimizing my attention, analytic and problem solving abilities Karen!”

What’s In The Box?

In every RISE coffee box subscription box, you’ll find:

Two bags of premium coffee - specially chosen from their favourite roasters in the UK – choose from beans, ground or even capsules based on your preference.

An extra treat - carefully curated and chosen from one of their partners including Tony’s Chocolney, Minor Figures, Doisy & Dam & The Protein Ball Co.

Recipes and more – a bit of background on your coffee with creative recipes so you can get the most out of every bag. This month’s box included a card showing a how to for a flat white so you can become a barista in your own home!

Each box is eco-friendly and sustainable, has free delivery within 5-7 days and costs just £19.99 for your first monthly box! These subscription boxes now include a decaf box and even a capsule box, so you needn’t miss out, even if you can’t have caffeine!

I’d urge anyone to sign upto a RISE coffee box subscription. If you love coffee, or know someone who does, this is the perfect solution to that old age problem of “What do I get them for their birthday?!” Or you know, as the perfect gift for yourself of course!

Would this be something you’d consider buying or treating yourself to? Are you a coffee snob, or a coffee hater? I’d love to know!



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