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Curve Balm Review- Say Goodbye to Chaffing

Forever wanting to wear pretty dresses, skirts, shorts, playsuits but being held back by the dreaded chub rub. Yes I can wear the so called 'chub rub shorts' and they do a good job but sometimes there's nothing quite like letting your legs/thighs be free of extra material.

Especially when it's warm outside and you don't want to be putting on another layer when you're already sweating up a storm!

I've tried other things in the past but they have worn off and left me with the ever so familiar burn that just isn't anything other than incredibly annoying and extremely painful!

I'm sure a lot of you know what I mean and will do anything to stop it from ever happening again- even if that means piling on the layers or just avoiding certain clothes altogether.

For the past few months I have been a fan of the cycling/chub rub shorts trend which has done me very proudly but the problem is I only have one pair and they're not exactly the cheapest (£18 a pair at M&S!) so I was on a mission to find a replacement.


Curve Balm is the creation of two wonderful ladies Jess and Georgie who wanted to create a product to help women in any body move a little easier and feel a little better.

About 18 months ago they had an epiphany - there had to be a better way to solve this extremely common chafing problem. That's how CurveBalm was born!

Since then they've worked tirelessly to trial and source manufacturers, test products, build formulations with their chemist and so much more.

It's been a roller-coaster ride but one they were happy to embark upon if it met helping all those who suffer from the dreaded chub rub!

CurveBalm is a vegan, cruelty free formula with 4 key ingredients: Oil, Hydrogenated Oil, Chamomile and Jasmine. They were specifically chosen and carefully measured after extensive testing because they are the best base for anti-chafe whilst also being kind and gentle on the skin.

'No thigh gap? No problem!'

This is the mantra of CurveBalm and one I am so happy to endorse because it's so true. So what if you don't have a thigh gap - which by the way is totally normal - you don't have to be plus sized or even have a big number in the back of your jeans, chub rub can affect anyone.

So even if you don't think this could be something you'd be interested in, I highly suggest giving it a go!

How To Use CurveBalm

The best thing about CurveBalm is how easy it is to use. Simply squeeze out a 20p sized amount and rub into the area needing attention! (I wait a couple of minutes after application to let it sink in and then go on my way.)

I've used it in between my thighs as that's where I get the most chaffing but I've also used it on my toes where my shoes have previously rubbed and found it to be extremely good here too!

I have come to believe that Curve Balm is so much more than a chub rub balm, it can be used wherever you experience rubbing, be that on your feet from shoes, on your chest from a sports bra, anywhere. It really is little tube of wonder.

My Thoughts

Well, I'm sure you know by now how much I blinking love CurveBalm! I've tested it on two different occasions - during the day and on a night out - so I think I've given it a good go and can accurately report on how incredible it is.

As soon as I put this on and started walking around I knew that my days of chasing my chub rub shorts around the house were over.

Never before have I encountered such a wonderful product as this. I wore it all day with no problems - so soreness, no burning, no red marks, nothing!

I only had to re-apply once and I was happy. I could confidently wear my favourite dress and walk around town, sit down to work without worrying one single moment about my thighs.

And that my friends is a wonderful thing!

I then went on to test it on a night out where I'd be doing lots of dancing and moving around - the ultimate chub rub test if you like.

I can happily report that with only one re-application needed I was able to dance around like a loon all night long and not worry one jot about anything other than having a fabulous time!

I now use it every single time I want to wear my skirts/dresses while the sun still shines and I love it more every time I do!

I have actually also used it on my little toes with a pair of shoes that I know usually rub them and leave me with blisters. I simply applied CurveBalm in the same way as I usually did, slipped my shoes on and went about my day.

You'll not be surprised that it worked perfectly and my little toes were very much saved from blistering and soreness! A winner all round!

I am so so happy I've found CurveBalm as it just works so well for me. I can happily walk around all day confident in the knowledge that my thighs will be happy rubbing together with no worry of suffering the dreaded chub rub burn!

You have no idea how much this means to me, how long I've waited to be able to just wear a pretty dress when the sun shines and not think about anything else.

Unlike cycling/chub rub shorts there's no extra layer to put on which can lead to over-heating, you can confidently be your best self without sacrificing anything.

The fact that it's a vegan product which uses natural oils and one whose packaging is able to be recycled. It really is a wonderful product with a great ethos.

Check out their website here.

To find out more and buy one for yourself, click the link and use my code (SARAHCB15) at checkout for 15% off - plus FREE UK Delivery!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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