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40 Self-Care Activities for Busy People

When life gets busy or stressful, one of the first things that often gets forgotten or pushed to the bottom of the to-do list is self-care.

There is a misconception about self-care; there is a tendency to associate it with being selfish. However, that is not the truth at all. How can you look after others and work on your to-do list when you are burned out?

Another misconception is that self-care activities need to be these extravagant ideas like: massages, manicure or pedicure, a hair appointment or an hour-long bath.

Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Practising self care is something you need to choose to do, setting the intentions each week to look after yourself and making yourself a priority.

Regularly part taking in self-care activities to improve your mood!

In this post, I've put together 40 small self-care activities for people with busy schedules:

1. Morning Pages

Journaling is a powerful form of self-care, so taking a few minutes in the morning to write down your thoughts, feelings and what you are grateful for is extremely satisfying.

You can use this 5-minute activity each morning before your busy day.

2. Deep Breathing Exercises

You could do these when you are in the car park about to go into work, or on trip to the bathroom, or just simply sat at your desk.

3. Learn To Say No

It is important that you do not overwhelm yourself. Choose what matters and serves you; it is Ok to turn things down.

4. Walk More

Whether it is getting off the bus a stop early to or from work, taking a walk on your lunch break, or introducing walking into your weekend mornings, being outside in nature can be healing and a great way to practise mindfulness.

5. Declutter Your Social Media

When you take time out on your social media, it is important that the ‘friends’ you have on there are uplifting and positive.

6. Stretch

When you have any free time, you should stretch your shoulders, touch your toes and move your hips from side to side. It can help promote circulation and improve your posture.

7. Practise Gratitude

You can write down or say out loud what you are grateful for each day.

8. Call Or Text Your Loved Ones

Take the time on a break from work in the evening to check in with loved ones. If you need support, you can talk with them.

9. Check In With Yourself

If you have had a busy day, it is important to take moments in your day to process your feelings and thoughts. Avoid them building up.

10. Keep A Simple Skincare Routine

If you have a hectic schedule a simplistic skincare routine is best. Use the basic products consistently. Looking after your body is important.

11. Nourish Your Body

Make sure that you are eating at meal times. Your body needs fuel to work. Eating balanced meals is vital for keeping up your energy levels throughout the day.

12. Practise Good Sleeping Habits

Sleep is paramount for good physical and mental health. Your body needs to rest and restore.

Prioritise your sleep, go to bed earlier and get into a routine to make falling asleep easier.

If you struggle drifting off, products like Delta 8 Gummies, CBD oil or lavender essential oil sprays can help.

Read: 8 sleeping habits for a better night’s sleep.

13. Listen To Your Favourite Music

You can do this as you get ready, or in the evening s to unwind.

14. Drink More Water

Make sure that throughout the day you are hydrating your body.

15. Light A Candle

In the evening or at the weekends, you can light a candle to help create a relaxing atmosphere.

16. Organise And Declutter Your Desk

Take a few minutes out of your day to declutter the mess on your desk in order to eliminate distractions.

17. Reflection

At the end of the day, reflect on the 3 best things that happened that day.

18. Use Positive Self-Talk

You should pay attention to how you speak to or about yourself. Focus on the things that follow the ‘I am’ comments.

Read: 5 negative mindsets to overcome

19. Do Something Creative

Everyone can be creative you just have to find the activity that you enjoy the most. At the weekend, you could schedule time to: paint, knit, write, colour, draw, garden, decorate or photograph.

20. Listen To A Guided Meditation

You can find meditations on YouTube that are 10-15 minutes long that you could do in the evenings or a weekend morning.

Other self-care ideas for busy people can be:

  • Taking a long shower or bath

  • Writing in a gratitude journal

  • Read a self help book

  • Learn new skill

  • Show random acts of kindness

  • Talk to someone about your feelings

  • Speak kindly about yourself

  • Learn a new hobby

  • Apply for that job you really want

  • Go for a walk locally in nature

  • Sit quietly with your thoughts

  • Make a vision board or scrapbook

  • Have a social media detox

  • Buy yourself some flowers and chocolates

  • Go to the cinema

  • Watch a sunset

  • Have a yoga session

  • Sit outside in the sun and soak up that vitamin D

  • Put on fresh bedding

  • Start a morning routine that works for you

Self-care is hugely beneficial for your physical and your mental well-being. Other than feeling relaxed and being able to reduce stress, practising regular self-care activities can:

  • It can improve your resilience

  • Increases feelings of worth

  • Improves feelings of well-being

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

These are small self-care activities that even the busiest of people can integrate into their routine. It is important to remember that you cannot continue to be busy if you are burned out, so take time for yourself; it is a priority.

What self-care activities do you do when you are busy? I'd love to hear in the comments!

This post was written by Lauren. Check out her fantastic blog here.

Sarah xoxoxo

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