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8 Netflix Shows With Strong Female Leads

Hello everyone! We are The Grumpy Olive, a lifestyle blog run by three sisters, writing about everything from food recipes to travel, coffee, books and lifestyle.

First of all, we wanted to thank Sarah for giving us the opportunity to write a guest post on her blog, we love to read her posts and enjoy her writing a lot!

But let’s get together. Today, I wanted to introduce you to eight Netflix shows with strong female leads I have been loving lately.

With the pandemic and having to spend more time at home, I can safely bet that almost all of us have spent an insane amount of time watching shows and movies just to get our heads in a safer space for a bit.

I did the same. I spent my first month attached to my laptop, thinking it was a one in a time occasion where I would be off from work for a month.

Guess it didn’t work that way, but anyway I have some shows with strong female leads I would re-watch again right now (if only I had the time!) ready for you.

Good Girls

Title photo for the Netflix Show Good Girls

If you’re up for a comedy-drama, this is for you! Good Girls stars three mothers from Michigan that are trying to make ends meet, something we can all relate to.

They decide to try and rob a local supermarket where one of them works, only to find out that there was already something unexpected behind.

Starring Retta, Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman, you’re in for a great cast and amazing shows with four series.

Gilmore Girls

Title picture for the Netflix Show Gilmore Girls

I mean, this is a classic, but I will introduce it anyway for whoever hasn’t watched it yet.

The series follows Lorelai Gilmore, a single mother living in Stars Hollow with her teenage daughter Rory. It focuses on their close relationship and life events.

I think this is a powerhouse show with strong female leads: from Lorelai to Emily, Rory and Lane, Paris and Suki, Mrs Kim. I mean the options are endless.

Grace and Frankie

Title picture for Netflix show Grace And Frankie

I shouldn’t pick a favourite, but this is the Netflix show I swear by! Grace and Frankie are far from friends when their respective husbands divorce them and profess their loves.

These polar opposites end up living together, experiencing life and drama, till they become best friends.

Starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, this series will be a hit for laughs, but get ready the tissues too! This duo is the perfect example of strong female leads on-screen and in real life.

Dead To Me

Title picture for Netflix show Dead To Me

Judy and Jen meet at a grief support group in California. Jen is grieving for her husband, who died in a hit and run, while Judy grieves for her dead fiancé. But in reality, Judy is hiding something bigger than that.

While facing together the struggle of life and grief, the two become very close to each other.

This is another one of those Netflix shows with strong female leads that you will grow to love for sure!

Santa Clarita’s Diet

Title picture for the Netflix Show Santa Clarita Diet

Sheila and Joel are a couple of real estate agents living in Santa Clarita. When she becomes undead and craves human bodies, the two will have to undergo a huge change.

Sheila is one of those women that will make you laugh on and enjoy this horror-comedy (beware that there’s blood involved). Also Abby, the daughter of the couple, is someone you will love from start to finish.

Jane The Virgin

Title picture for Netflix Show Jane The Virgin

Simona and I started this out and got hooked straight away. Jane Villanueva is a religious, hard working virgin young woman that gets mistakenly artificially inseminated during a checkup.

The series follows how the events will change all that Jane thought of her future plans and more.

I love the relationship Jane, her mom and grandmother have, so you’re surely in for a treat!

If you’re after strong leads, a quirky romantic comedy and a lot of telenovelas references, that’s the right one!


Title picture for Netflix Show iZombie

Seattle medical student Liv gets turned into a zombie in this crime series. But instead of giving in only to her appetites, she takes a job at the county morgue, where while eating brains she helps solve crimes.

Okay, maybe it might not sound like a funny one, but I can assure you hands down that it is! Olivia is the kind of strong lead you would want to be friends with!

Strong Girl Bong Soon

Title picture for Netflix show Strong Girl Bong Soon

Last but not least! I got into K dramas thanks to a friend and can’t thank her enough! I am no expert, but Bong Soon was one of the first few I watched and can always put it up to my top five list!

Bong Soon was born with supernatural strength which she uses to fight evil and bring to justice the culprit of a series of murders. It might take time to watch a full episode while following the subtitles but you won’t regret it!

Hope you enjoyed these 8 Netflix shows with strong female leads! Have you got any more you would suggest? Have you watched any of them?

Thank you again to Sarah for having us over on her blog! If you liked this post, check out some more Netflix recommendations over on The Grumpy Olive.




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