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5 Simple Vegan Party Food Options That Work

Whether you have a party or event on the horizon, or you're having some friends and family over for food for the start of Spring, you need some classic culinary ideas to interest your taste buds.

If you're short of party food ideas, find 5 simple and delicious vegan party food options that work!

Vegan Burritos

Everyone loves a burrito, but if you have a vegan diet, you don’t want the conventional fillings. Burritos tend to be made with ground beef fillings or something similar.

The good news is there are plenty of alternatives for vegans, such as vegan ground beef made from seitan or tempeh.

Apart from switching the filling to a vegan alternative, vegan burritos are made in much the same way.

Buy some tortilla wraps, some refried beans, some vegan mayo, other sauces and some sliced vegetables. Burritos are fast to put together and make incredible party food.

Tasty Tacos

Tacos come from the same region are burritos and are made in a similar way; they also have a similar taste and are equally good as party food.

So what is it that makes them different? Unlike burritos, tacos are more hands-on; they require your guests to create the taco from ingredients.

Offering tacos to your party guests is an excellent way to satisfy their hunger and stimulate conversation as they build their food at the table or on the patio.

For tacos, you will need taco shells, rice filling, refried beans and vegetables, as well as a quality crockpot taco dip to flavour.

Cauliflower Wings

Buffalo wings are a stable party food the world over, but these days, not everyone is into the idea of eating chicken wings.

The good news is you can enjoy the same amazing taste without the dilemma by making cauliflower wings instead. These are dipped in the same great sauce.

To make cauliflower wings, you will need plenty of cauliflower.

While cauliflower doesn’t taste of much on its own, it has the same consistency as chicken wings and delivers on taste when dipped in the same great sauce.

Follow this recipe for an awesome vegan version of wings.

Buddha Bowls

Most people have heard of the Buddha; he was a wandering sage in India two and a half thousand years ago.

In exchange for wisdom, he was given food by local people in the towns and villages he visited. Every evening in his bowl, he had a variety of foods to sustain him.

Times have changed, but the concept of a Buddha bowl is now in common circulation. The difference is these days, we have a little more control over what goes in them.

A Buddha bowl can be a healthy daily meal or a bowl filled with tasty snack food for your party guests.

Tortilla Pizzas

Most people have heard of party pizzas, but not everyone knows the possibilities of a tortilla pizza.

Instead of spending hours making pizza bases, simply buy packets of tortillas, spread them on some tomato sauce and decorate them with your own fillings fit for a party or occasion.

What do you think of these delicious vegan party food options? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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