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Stepping Into Winter with UK Tights

AD- Tights in this post gifted to me in exchange for a feature on my blog. All opinions my own, photos taken by the very talented Matt Mccormick.

When the weather turns and you're putting away your summery dresses and skirts, you may think that's it for the season you'll not be able to wear them again because you don't want to be getting your legs out when it's freezing out but you'd be wrong.

We can sometimes get those days in Autumn/Winter where the sun is out, the ground is frosty and you can get away with wearing those skirts you'd previously put away.

I'm usually a jean's girl but I'm trying something new and getting out of my comfort zone by wearing skirts and styling them up. I've also found the best winter tights to team with said skirts/dresses!

First I wore with THAT infamous green leopard print skirt from Primark which everyone seems to be wearing all over Instagram - I have to say I was heavily influenced when I saw it myself and was so so pleased to eventually find one in my size in my local store.

I just knew I had to wear it whilst out and about Christmas shopping and festive blogger events. All that was left was to find that elusive pair of tights which wouldn't fall down after putting them on, fitted me and also kept me warm, so not much then!

I've tried various pairs over the years and have recently come across a few pairs which tick all those boxes as well as having a reasonable price point too!

I love wearing my mustard yellow coat at this time of year, I just find it goes with everything and is always in season so it always comes out with me wherever I go.

I get so many compliments on it too and I've had it for years! I knew I was going to wear it with this outfit and I feel quite fashionable in the green skirt, paired with my black boots and Bloom From The Darkness t-shirt.

With this outfit I also wore the Pamela Mann 80 Denier Recycled Yarn Tights which just kept me so so warm on what was quite a chilly day! They fit perfectly and didn't fall down once, so there was none of that awkward hitching up involved either, brilliant!

The fact they're recycled is even better, they're made from fabrics which are ground up and reduced to their rawest state which are then rewoven into nylon and other fabrics.

Textiles are the second biggest pollutant industry in the world so to have a pair of tights which are already themselves recycled makes me very happy indeed.

They also kept me incredibly warm which is the secret to being able to wear my favourite skirts and dresses in Winter.

Why should they be relegated to only 2 seasons of the year when there are tights out there which can enable us to get the most use out of them as possible? It's all about cost-per-wear after all!

One of the best things about this skirt is the fact that it will go with so many different items I already own. I have been wearing it recently with all black - in particular my bodysuit which keeps me warm because it's all tucked in already. Got to keep out that winter chill after all!

I'll then pop on my black cardigan and my mustard coat and voila, an instant outfit which can take you to any event whether that be Christmas shopping, to a blogger event, or running errands.

With my trusty knee high boots on I know I'm going to be prepared for anything the British weather wants to throw at me.

Because leopard print is everywhere this season, I don't just have one skirt to show you in this post, oh no, I have two! I couldn't resist getting this gorgeous brown version too which I think goes wonderfully with my mustard coat and black boots.

A much more muted version if that's what you're after. I know some of people wouldn't like the green version so I'm here to show you that it's still possible to be 'on trend' in a less 'look at me' colour!

I was also wearing another pair of tights here and they were every bit as warm as the previous pair. This time I had on the Couture Fashion Velvet Feel Fleece lined tights and I have to say these are the best tights I think I have ever worn.

First off they're the perfect fit, I put them on and then didn't have to touch them again for literally the whole day. Amazing!

Secondly they kept me so warm that I'm thinking what other skirts do I have in my collection that I can wear with them? This could be the Winter I decide to bin off my jeans altogether!

We all know they're not the best item of clothing to wear when it's cold so perhaps I should just wear these instead? What do you think?!

I love how versatile this skirt is, it just goes so well with everything I already own which definitely is a good enough reason to buy it, am I right?! This weekend t-shirt is definitely a vibe, mainly because I'm ironic enough to wear it when it's clearly not the weekend but rock it anyway.

Because of my work I never get a 'normal' weekend like almost everybody else and usually I don't even get 2 days off together but when I do, I make the most of it and un-ironically wear this t-shirt to let everyone know it's MY weekend!

This skirt is a bit thicker than the green one, for one it has a liner underneath it which elevates it from Primark to Primarni instantly and it also fits better, despite it being the exact same size as the green one! Yeah, don't get me started on that one...!

I also love how long it is and just how god damn perfect it is. Of course I can wear it all season long too, thanks to UK Tights.

I have waited far too long to find tights which fit comfortably, don't fall down when you walk or insist that you hoick them up every five minutes! Sometimes the high street doesn't cater to those of us who are long in the leg, have a long back and chunky thighs!

I've lost count of the number of pairs which have ended up in the bin after only a couple of wears because they've been incredibly uncomfortable to wear. When I get dressed in the morning I don't want to have to spend the rest of my day worrying about my tights!

Thankfully these days are now over having found the tights of dreams of UK Tights. I must admit I was wary of ordering them online, would I get the size right? Would they just be ridiculously large/small?

But I need not of worried because every single pair I've tried from them has been perfect and I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again and style up some more outfits with them.

I also have a couple of pairs of coloured tights to wear over the festive period as well as a pair of sock tights with roses on them. I'm going to have so much fun with them over Christmas!

So there you have it, a little fashion post for you all to enjoy, I hope you did, please do let me know if you too have caught the leopard print bug! How would you style up these skirts? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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